Pure Brown Sugar from Tokunoshima: wonder of nature Kyushu's Amami Island is home to Japan’s largest subtropical laurel forests, white-sand beaches, and an abundance of coral reefs. The sugar cane...

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Pure Brown Sugar from Tokunoshima: wonder of nature


Kyushu's Amami Island is home to Japan’s largest subtropical laurel forests, white-sand beaches, and an abundance of coral reefs. The sugar cane plantations on the Amami islands date back to the seventeenth century. During those times, brown sugar derived from sugar canes were exclusive, and islanders weren't allowed to use brown sugar.

At Tokunoshima, sugar canes are carefully picked and cultivated organically. Sugar canes are thoroughly boiled to obtain natural juices. The manufacturing process reflects the meticulous skills of the craftsmen.


Today, Amami's Tokunoshima has preserved traditional methods of growing and processing brown sugar.

Additives and preservatives are not used in the entire manufacturing process. The natural sweetness and favour of sugar canes are sufficient to produce delicious brown sugar packed with impeccable goodness. According to harvesting, the production of high quality sugar cane are strictly observed from December to April. Please note that once product is out of stock, it may only be restocked in the following season.

What's the difference between brown and white sugar?

The differences are marked by the presence or absence of impurities, nutritional content and calories. Generally, white sugar is processed by removing impurities (molasses) before refining it further. The reverse is said of brown sugar when the molasses caters to its umami-rich uniqueness. In the same light, brown sugar contains more nutrients derived from sugarcane as it requires less refining process.

Brown sugar is rich in micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) with slightly higher calcium, iron, and potassium contents. Additionally, measuring calories per 100g, brown sugar (354Kcal) has lesser calories compared to white sugar (384Kcal).

Benefits of pure brown sugar

Brown sugar supports healthy diet by suppressing the absorption of sugar. Phenyl Glucoside in brown sugar decreases fat absorption from greasy food and helps eliminate obesity.

Brown sugar helps to maintain muscle elasticity, healthy nervous system, promoting hormone synthesis and secretion as well as to regulate blood flow. Micronutrients in brown sugar such as magnesium, copper, and zinc effective for physiological functions of the body.

Brown sugar improves the intestinal environment and bowel movements through the presence of natural Oligosaccharide found in sugarcanes. Pure brown sugar contains calcium, sodium, potassium, vitamin B1, B2 to name the least. The nutrient content also includes niacin. Vitamins and minerals help to moisturize the skin as well as maintain good health.


Ways to Enjoy

Brown Sugar with Pork Belly

Using brown sugar helps to up your game in the kitchen. No matter if you're preparing a savoury dish or confectionery items, brown sugar creates an unparalleled unique aroma. Add one or two pieces of brown sugar to pork belly (or any meat of preference). This works great with potatoes and curry too! You will instantly find that the meat turns softer when brown sugar soaks into the ingredients to assemble a rich flavourful platter.


Brown Sugar for Tea

For tea lovers, this is for you! Add brown sugar to warm milk (or warm water) and ginger. Once the brown sugar melts, you will be met with a pleasant aroma for a refreshing moment of R&R.


How to make Brown Sugar Milk

How to make Brown Sugar Steamed Buns

Exceptional Quality and Taste of Tokunoshima Pure Brown Sugar


Sugarcane Cultivation in Winter-Spring

The sugarcane is harvested from winter to the end of the year. In order to take advantage of the unique sweetness and fresh aroma of sugarcanes, the harvested canes are taken for processing without further delay.

Sugarcane Harvesting by Hand

Mechanical machine will lump sugarcane, soil and impurities together. Therefore, we select sugar canes carefully by hand to remove impurities in order to preserve the natural sugar content.

Heating and Evaporation

Brown sugar is made by slowly heating the sugarcane juice for 10 hours or more over an open flame.

Crystallisation of Sugarcane Juice

Impurities extracted while boiling sugarcane juice is manually removed over and over again. This results in a pleasantly sweet brown sugar without bitterness.

How to Soften Brown Sugar?
Brown Sugar can be easily soften by heating it in the microwave.
1. Put a lump of brown sugar into a bakeware and heat in the microwave for about ten seconds.
2. Check for consistency. Use a spatula or fork to see if the brown sugar crumbles or becomes powdery. Adjust heating time if necessary.

Note: Be careful of overheating brown sugar or else it will melt and become sticky.

Customer Testimonials

Our customers adore this Amagi Food's Pure Sugarcane Brown Sugar from Tokunoshima. Here is what they have to say about this product from our Japanese shopping site:


Perfect for diets
I have an inkling for sweet food after a greasy meal. Brown sugar helps to curb my sugar cravings little by little.

Somebayashi san


This taste amazing!
I’m surprised at the refreshing aftertaste of brown sugar and the natural sweetness is delicious.

Tokyomm san


Different from regular store-bought brown sugar
The taste and aroma are different from brown sugar in supermarkets. This has a pleasant caramel-like sweetness. I will buy the bigger portion next time. Thank you.

Ama san


Nostalgic flavours of brown sugar
I am very happy with this product! Unlike cheap brown sugar made of starch syrup and raw sugar, Tokunoshima’s brown sugar reminds me of nostalgic flavours.

Mr. Yoshizawa


Exactly what I was looking for!
I was looking for brown sugar that contains natural minerals. This is definitely different from the ones sold at supermarkets! I absolutely love this pleasant caramel-like scent. It's good for my body and skin. I will purchase more next time.

Anonymous Buyer

Message from Brown Sugar Producer: Hisako Kawaguchi


Omagi Food brown sugar is made from sugar canes grown and processed locally. In order to retain its natural goodness, the sugar canes are individually cut by hand and squeezed to extract the fresh cane juice. The juice is later boiled at high temperature. This natural sugarcane juice brings back the old-fashioned taste with a unique texture that melts in your mouth. Brown sugar of Tokunoshima is prepared with everyone's health interest in mind. We hope you enjoy this natural product made in Japan.

Manufacturing Process of Brown Sugar

Learn more about the manufacturing process of pure brown sugar made without additives from Tokunoshima.

1. Harvesting Sugarcane

Sugar canes are manually and carefully harvested. From autumn to winter, the sugarcane leaves are cut and only the stems are transferred to the factory for processing. The stalk is squeezed to obtain sugar cane juice.


2. Kiln preparation

The sugar canes are squeezed with a squeezing machine. Once the juice is extracted, they will be heated using firewood to remove lye and impurities. The impurities are removed through a filter and the remaining juice will be transferred to a kettle for boiling.


3. Boiling Sugarcane

Temperature control is crucial in the process of boiling sugar cane juice. Due to its delicate procedure, craftsman requires many years of experience and patience. Generally, boiling is done slowly for 10 hours from 8 am to 6 pm.


4. Removing Impurities

After boiling for about 10 hours, the water evaporates and the sweet aroma of brown sugar begins to surface. During this period, impurities removal continues.


5. Cooling and Hardening

Steps of impurities removal are repeated. When the water content reaches an appropriate level, the pot is allowed to cool and brown sugar eventually hardens.


6. Completion of Brown Sugar

Once the pot has cooled and hardened, sweet and delicious brown sugar is ready.


Brown Sugar Product Variations

Please enjoy the product variations of Tokunoshima Brown Sugar.


Product Details

Product Name Amagi Food's Pure Sugarcane Brown Sugar 200g x 3 bags from Tokunoshima
Expiration Date Six months after opening
Net weight 200 g × 3 bags
Storage Method Avoid direct sunlight, store at room temperature.
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