Yong Long Deep Bamboo Steamer (Tray+Lid Set) Large 25.4cm

Yong Long Deep Bamboo Steamer (Tray+Lid Set) Large 25.4cm


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Chinese Bamboo Steamer That Is Crafted With Passion


Yong Long (永龍) craftsmen have been making bamboo steamers for more than 10 years. They have carefully crafted this product one part after another by hand. It's perfect for serving side dishes for 3 to 5 people and won't take up too much space on the table.


Deep Bamboo Steamer That You Can Use to Steam All At Once

It's a lot taller than regular steamer, so it's just the right size to steam chawanmushi or okowa steamed rice


Deliciously Cooked In A Short Time

The greatest point of bamboo steamer is the quick cooking time. Leftover veggies in your fridge can turn into delightful steamed cooking just in 10 minutes. Other than that, you can serve the food with the steamer as they are, and you'll have less dishes to wash at the end of the day.


Light But Durable

This product is completely made out of bamboo. No nails are used to put together the steamer, it is all natural material. Because this bamboo steamer doesn't use any iron material, you don't need to worry about rust.


Deliciously Steamed

The lid part is woven bamboo, so the steam will escape through the woven, preventing condensation, and won't make the ingredient soggy.


Bending Woven Technique By Skillful Hands

The technique of stacking multiple layers of bamboo material requires a long time of training. This craft will keep the steam tight and perfectly cook the ingredients.


Keeping The Natural Umami And Sweetness of The Ingredients

Steam Vegetables have an enhanced sweetness and have different taste profile than the usual vegetables. No sogginess like boiled vegetables, no uneven texture like microwave cooking. It's also the specific tool for making okowa steamed rice.

Steamed Food

Size Large (25.4cm)

Below is the size specification for this steamer (seiro):

L Size


Steamed Dishes Don't Lose Their Nutrients

Boiling may remove the extra bitterness of vegetables, but the nutrients and minerals tend to dissolve into the water. During the steaming process, the interior of bamboo steamer is filled with water vapor, therefore keeping the food moist and preventing it from getting tough texture. Furthermore, the fiber is softened by heat and will be easily digested.

Steaming Basket

Steamed Dishes Are Easy On The Stomach

Steamed veggies doesn't require oil to cook, so the food will be easy on the stomach. They're ideal for babies and elderlies. Sweet potatoes and carrots are sweeter when you steam them. You can savor the natural taste of the ingredient without any additional seasoning.


How to Use Steamer: It's Easy to Use

1. Wet the steamer with water

Before use, put steamer under flowing water

Bamboo Steamer

2. Boil water

Boil plenty of hot water in a pot. (The pot in the picture is t-fal sauce pan in 20cm size. The bamboo steamer on the picture is L size)

Bamboo Steamer

3. Put the bamboo steamer on top

Put your ingredients inside the steamer, close it, and start to steam. It's easy to burn yourself so be careful while handling the steamer.

Bamboo Steamer

4. Keep the heat when steaming

Maintain the heat so the steam will come out. Be careful not to let fire burn the bamboo steamer. When opening the lid, remove excess condensation.

Bamboo Steamer

5. Check the steamed ingredients

Use toothpick or bamboo skewer to check the doneness.

Bamboo Steamer

How to Care For Bamboo Steamer

After use, clean bamboo steamer with a scrubber. If there is only little dirt, just wipe it with wet wipe. After washing, dry them in a well ventilated place. Damp area may cause mold to grow.

How to Care For Bamboo Steamer

How Much Rice Can This Product Steam?

In one tray of Yong Long Deep Bamboo Steamer, you can steam this much rice.

  • S Size 18cm: 450ℊ
  • M Size 20.3cm: 600ℊ
  • L Size 25.4cm: 900ℊ
  • XL Size 30cm: 1200ℊ

Steaming time: Okowa steamed rice 40-50 minutes、Koji rice 35-40 minutes. Time may vary for each type of rice.

How Much Rice Can This Product Steam?

Steaming Plate: A Convenient Addition to Bamboo Steamers

Bamboo steamer can be used together with pot at your kitchen. If the rim of the pot is 1-2cm smaller than the diameter of bamboo steamer, you can use it as it is. However, if the pot is too big, too small, or the same size as the steamer, it will be difficult to use and sometimes will leave a burning mark (if the pot size is the same as steamer).

Steaming Plank

Steam plate will prevent burning marks on bamboo steamer.

Burnt Steamer

Bamboo steamer needs high heat to produce a lot of steam. Therefore, the bottom side may have a burn mark if the steamer sticks out from the pan. If you have a steam plate, there's no need to worry about this problem.

Steaming Plank

Suitable For This Steamer
Steam Plate Steam Cloth
Steam Plate 29cm Steam Cloth 30×30cm
Steam Plate 32cm Tetoron Steam Cloth 31×31cm
Steam Plate 35cm Tetoron Steam Cloth 46×46cm

Choosing The Right Pot For Bamboo Steamer

When using bamboo steamer with a pot that you already have in your home, make sure that the size and type fit perfectly. We recommend pots that can contain a lot of water. If the diameter of bamboo steamer is too big, the steam will leak, and it will not cook well. If the bamboo steamer is too small, it might fall into the pot.

Correct Pot For Bamboo Steamer

Do you still have questions to properly use and take care of the steamer?
Please watch the video below by all means.

Same Food Quality Even When The Bamboo Steamer Is Stacked

When cooking with bamboo steamer, the steam will go up so you can stack multiple trays on top of one another and the food quality will still be the same. It's one of the appeal of bamboo steamer, you can cook food as much as you want. You can stack 2 trays and the steam will spread equally without problem.

Steaming Basket

Additional Tray for Yong Long Steamer - Size Variation

"I need more steamer tray for my daily cooking!" or "It is more convenient to cook with 3 trays or more at once."
For you who are active in cooking and need a additional tray for Yong Long steamer, please check the links below and choose according to your steamer's (seiro) size.

Steamer (Seiro) Recipe

Chawan Mushi (Steamed Egg Custard)

Chawanmushi is very popular and loved by many especially children. If you have bamboo steamer, it will be very easy to make. Fell free to add your own favorite ingredients to it.
Cooking Time20Minutes
chawan mushi


Dashi stock
As needed
Chicken fillet
Shitake Mushroom
4 Pieces
Ginko Nuts
As needed
Fish cake
As needed
As needed


Crack the eggs, put it in a bowl. Add the broth and mix. Filter this mixture with a sieve. Add salt to taste.
Cut the chicken fillet into bite size, pass through hot water and drain them. Cut the bottom part of shitake mushroom. And lastly, take ginko nuts out of their shells.
put all the ingredients except the parsley into chawanmushi container. Pour carefully so bubbles won't form. If there is bubble, burst them with toothpick or bamboo skewer.
Steam the chawanmushi for about 10 minutes. Use bamboo skewer to check the doneness by stabbing chawanmushi in the center. If no runny egg comes out, it is done. After taking them out of the steamer, garnish them with parsley.

Seiro recipe | Easy, healthy steamed dishes
[Seiro Recipe] It is efficient to use seiro because I live in a family with small children and want to do housework with few hands as possible.
I started to use seiro when a friend that also have children told me that using seiro is very convenient for my circumstance.
At first, I have a hard time to buy a seiro because of impressions like "seiro is an inconvenience", "hard to take care of", and "takes a long time to use". But now I keep using it.
Click here to see more about Seiro Recipes

What is Yong Long (永籠)?

Yong Long (永籠) Bamboo Steamer is crafted in Xiangteng studio located in Fujian Province, China. This studio also produces cooking utensils that are loved by chefs that work in restaurants that have aqcuired michelin stars. The price of bamboo steamer may vary according to the material. But all in all, it won't make much difference in terms of taste. Compared with other maker, Yong Long bamboo steamer has a very good quality and durability. And price wise, it is quite affordable.

Yong Long Bamboo Steamer

The maker of Yong Long Bamboo Steamer hopes that their bamboo steamer is loved for a long time by customers and will be used to make all kinds of food.

Yong Long Bamboo Steamer

About Yong Long Bamboo Steamer
Sold By Kawashima The Japan Store


Yong Long Bamboo Steamer that is sold by Kawashima The Japan Store is reliable product that has been registered to Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare by submitting a food import notification. Report number:24062637322

Before Ordering

Because this product is made from natural bamboo, the grain, color, and other parts may vary in each bamboo steamer. In particular, the bamboo grain may be different in each product. In addition, there are cases where there are spots, scratches, distortions, cracks, chipping, etc. Just as shown below. But do not worry, this will not affect the functionality of the product. Yong Long Bamboo Steamer There might be cases like shown in the image above. But rest assured, the product will work just fine without any problem.

About the bamboo steamer scent: Though most people would agree that bamboo smells really good, there might be some who doesn't favor it. It really depends on the individul. If you want to get rid of the strong bamboo smell, you can steam the steamer without putting anything inside of it. This may reduce the bamboo scent.

Storing bamboo steamer the right way: Make sure to dry it thoroughly after wash and keep it in a dry and well ventilated place. If not dried thoroughly, mold might grow on the bamboo steamer.

Product Details

Size Large・25.4cm
Material Bamboo
Manufactured in Fujian Province, China (Xiangteng Studio)

Yong Long Deep Bamboo Steamer Sizes

Tray + Lid Set

Steam Set Small Small Steam Set Medium Medium Steam Set Large Large Steam Set Extra Large Extra Large

Tray Only

Steam Tray Small Small Steam Tray Medium Medium Steam Tray Large Large Steam Tray Extra Large Extra Large

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