And Ueda house of natural fermentation lactic acid bacteriaWas used pesticides not use SASANISHIKI 100 percent,It is the lactic acid bacteria powder of natural fermentation, which adapt to the Japanese...

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And Ueda house of natural fermentation lactic acid bacteria

Was used pesticides not use SASANISHIKI 100 percent,It is the lactic acid bacteria powder of natural fermentation, which adapt to the Japanese of the intestine. And the best of the United States for the lactic acid bacteria, providing a nurturing environment.Born in the "snuggle up to the bacteria" unique formula. You can completely digest the food,Nutrition can be absorbed from the blood,Waste products to the rapidly excreted can the body."Natural fermentation lactic acid bacteria", such as powdery snow, palatable powder.There is no odor and habit, soft lactic acid bacteria taste.From children to the elderly, it is the taste that want only every day.
The best of rice and koji, only water as a raw material,Long-term natural fermentation has been made lactic acid bacteria and yeast in a severe low-temperature environment.It leaves a freeze-dried live them. First of all, please drink as it is a powder. Lactic acid bacteria and yeast us, it merges straight to the stomach,You can feel that begin to work cheerfully. Ueda house of natural fermentation lactic acid bacteria.To healthy every day, Please use all means.


Improve your experience

It will enter without the burden on the body With a chemical hypersensitivity, but it is a place to react to vinyl that covers the rice, this powder will continue to enter without a burden on the body.

(30s and women)


Tone of your skin is also good What was ten years of constipation disease. Though also did not have a clean feeling is what you drink, in about a week, has changed. Every day, pleasant, better tone of your skin.

(30s and women)


Severe sensitivity to cold is getting better Perhaps because the blood flow is getting better, I feel that terrible poor circulation has become better than before.Hair amount also increases was like?

(30s and women)


Bowel movement is improved, it has decreased also the middle of the night of assistance In long-term care facility, it has acted a sweet sake using a "natural fermentation lactic acid bacteria" to the residents. Bowel movement is improved, the night of the assistance also decreased, the field also survived.

(30s and women)


Taste that can be utilized in various cuisine I bought and recommended from a friend. We use the soy milk yogurt making. Because even put in miso soup does not interfere with the taste, it is a taste that can be utilized in various cuisine. I want to try everything.

Makoto like (in their 40s and women)


It is very good tone of the stomach Once you drink a day 3 follicle, stomach tone is very good. In addition, If you create a pan, skin middle and Bari' is Motchiri, I was able to slightly sweet bread without sugar.

Love like (in their 50s and women)


Delicious and easy to eat Slightly sweet to the taste of wine lees to faint, it was delicious and very easy to eat. It taste made from rice.

1226-like (in their 30s and women)


It will be lighter side effects of the medicine Since I was young, we suffer from the incurable disease of the large intestine. Side effects of drinking and drugs will lightly.

(40s and women)


Straight, feeling entering the body Straight, feeling that enters the body. I feel that fit your than those of the milk components.

(30s and women)



The difference of the natural fermentation lactic acid bacteria and mobile Mai Goult of Ueda house

Raw materials and manufacturing methods are the same.Natural fermentation lactic acid bacteria of Ueda family, is Ueda who is a producerTo develop a completely new fermentation environment, it is the new products that increase the more the quality of the bacteria.Impressions of tasting by staff Mobile My Goult ... There is a slight acidity in the faint sweetness.And natural fermentation lactic acid bacteria ... acidity is almost no, it is soft and smell like wine lees in the natural sweetness.

Natural fermented lactic acid bacteria If you enjoy the Ueda family


Drink it

No rough taste, lactic acid bacteria taste.Like every day, is the taste.
For food ※, but there are no rules,Children (elementary school or less) up to 1 capsule per day,The adult 1 day 1 to 3 follicles guideline. After a meal is recommended.

To sprinkle

Us encourage the digestion of rice.Your favorite ingredients (crepe, plum, green laver, sesame seeds, salt, etc.When the mix material in a roasting), more delicious.

To miso soup

If the miso bacteria alive, even as it is.If positive, lactic acid bacteria force up.

In smoothies

So you do not need to have the sugar, making it easier to drink.Smoothly absorb the antioxidants of fruits and vegetables.


Along with the salt, crowded fir powderTo the refrigerator. And put a little, your pickles elegant lactic acid bacteria.

To eggs

With beaten egg and bake. Fluffy, in light finish.Even with the vegetable oil, it will be butter flavor.

The bran floor

1 package, crowded mixed with bran floor, to the refrigerator.With lactic acid bacteria effect, smell disappears? !Becomes a thing pickled pickles flavor.

How to make soy milk yogurt

[What you need]Soy milk (component no adjustment) ... 350ccNaturally fermented lactic acid bacteria ... 1 package of Ueda family (g)Screw-type lid with a bottle (450ml) [brought up how]1. Mix with a "natural fermentation lactic acid bacteria" and spoon filled with water 1 teaspoon to boil the bottle. (Lactic acid bacteria will Okidashi!)2.1 mix poured into the soy milk to. Tightly close the lid.3. put in the refrigerator (crisper 7 ~ 10 ℃).It begins to appear thickened after 4.3 to 4 days. Adapt extortion the bottle.5. This Once started mass loosely eaten. Please banged eat as soon as possible that you save in the refrigerator ※.※ number of days it takes by soy milk and refrigerated temperature will change.


Charm of natural fermentation lactic acid bacteria of Ueda house

Ueda who is 10 years, the students more than 10,000 peopleWelcomed, we have to open the course of natural fermentation.
Among them, it is better to suffer the intestinal upset and indigestion,Or how many. Improvement of the intestinal flora,Allergy, obesity, diabetes, cancer and depression, etc.It has been attracting attention as a state-of-the-art medical cure modern diseases.


Why lactic acid bacteria of natural fermentation is whether the good in the gut?

Vegetable lactic acid bacteria has been from ancient times, been supporting the Japanese of the body. Lactic acid bacteria of natural fermentation, the best rice (completely chemical-free SASANISHIKI)Koji (wild built with koji without the addition of inoculum),
 And only the raw material waterIn severe low-temperature environment, it has been made by long-term natural fermentation. Bacteria are less likely to live by to grow at low temperatures,Wild bacteria who survived the harsh environment will continue to live joined forces.In this process, lactic acid bacteria and yeast (lactic acid aureus and multi-pole budding yeast, the extracellular polysaccharide) is colonies in harmony born.This colony is what, familiar to the Japanese of the intestine, can say that it is the form of lactic acid bacteria. In Ueda who, by many years of research, by controlling the bacteria by natural selection,It was successful in stabilizing the natural fermentation. (Patent pending) that was freeze-dried alive the lactic acid bacteria colonies (symbiont)Ueda is a natural fermentation lactic acid bacteria of the house.


Naturally fermented lactic acid bacteria comparison chart of the house Ueda


Ueda house of natural fermentation lactic acid production process

Ueda house "natural fermentation lactic acid bacteria" is"Snuggle up to the bacteria" of the natural world is a process. Natural fermented foods Institute COBO Lab.YokohamaWere charged by the hand of Ueda family, it is a natural fermentation. - and Yamagata pesticide is not used SASANISHIKI 100 percent, provide a natural cultivation brown rice koji.
 - rice steamed acceleration is involved in the growth balance of bacteria.Uniformly whether the fire is through, make sure again and again.
 - allowed to cool and the steamed rice and bottled together brown rice koji, and water.
And natural fermented foods Institute ofIn special cold storage room, natural fermentation of more than 30 days.And selection of the bacteria, and nurtured a strong lactic acid bacteria to low temperature.Less influence of mold and chemicals,Lactic acid bacteria grow friendly environment is important.
 - day-to-day, by tasting the state of bacteriaConfirming. When the lost balance even a littleOr deterioration of quality, because it involves the risk fermentation progresses,Thoroughly "snuggle up to the bacteria" It is important. • When the lactic acid bacteria and yeast of flora (colonies) is completed,You put in the basket. Hand than strained, it is less of a burden of bacteriaIt was found. · To reduce the load of bacteria, freezing in their own freezing method. - sent to the Management Company, lyophilized (freeze-drying).Load to bacteria is small, multiplied by the time and effortThis has got to implement their own freeze-drying process.
 - (it is often added to the freeze-dried product)Such as dextrin and oligosaccharides, without adding any,Raw materials "rice, rice koji" is completely additive-free foods use only.
And pulverized, after encapsulation work, it will be shipped. "Natural fermentation lactic acid bacteria" is, you over to our hands.2 years to avoid the heat and humidity, you can use delicious.


For the stability of the natural fermentation

The natural fermentation is that "without the addition of acid and yeast" of fermentation. Culture of vegetables, grains, beans, etc.They were charged in a cold season, or attached to the material,Living in the environment, from the miscellaneous bacteria environmentIt is important to go through the process of natural selection. First, I grew up a strong lactic acid bacteria in low temperatureIt suppresses the bacteria. Then, yeast is grownMake the amino acid or alcohol, thereAcetic acid bacteria to proliferate fermentation. What of the relay is the natural world of bacteriaI natural fermentation.
 In modern times it has become difficult to natural fermentation by the sterilization process.In addition, because it involves the risk of bacteria and not sterilized,"Natural fermentation is unstable, poor reproducibility" has been considered. COBO Ueda house, while holding the bacteria,The natural fermentation, can be reproduced with a stability.We found the flora (Flora) to be the point. Nurtured from rice of Japan, it is a variety of lactic acid bacteria of the community."Natural fermentation lactic acid bacteria" patent pending 2014-088640


For COBO Ueda house

ウエダ家の自然発酵乳酸菌 COBO Ueda family, of Japan climate fruits, vegetables, grains, from such as beans,I have a natural fermentation research. From the experience, the most long-term, sustained natural fermentation,A variety of flavor and taste from one materialStrike is given, we feel that it is rice.Again that it has been supported by the United States is Japanese, it will be reminded. The opportunity to establish a patent application of "natural fermentation system",Not only their own, the lactic acid bacteria yeast,I want to help your people are seeking. To the body,At the table, we would like to incorporate.2011 was thinking so. Fermentation brewing world revolutionaries "Katayama head office" of came across Katayama representative.Katayama, who had been made a "US Goult" market is not a drink.I was allowed to debut a freeze-dried powder "Maiguruto are living of Ueda family".As a perfect additive-free natural fermented foods, even now, it has got a response. April 2005. Ueda family, because of the "quality" further improvement of the bacteriaEstablished COBO Lab.Yokohama. We made the best of the (refrigerated) environment to Yokohama for the bacteria.Here you can to achieve a "recipe nestling in bacteria". COBO Lab.Yokohama production "natural fermentation lactic acid bacteria", the force of lactic acid bacteria to suppress the bacteria can be more enhanced, evolution as a health food.Every day, it increases the taste.


Naturally fermented lactic acid bacteria Notes Ueda house

 ■ raw materials: Yamagata Prefecture pesticide is not used SASANISHIKI, natural cultivation brown rice koji■ Contents: 60g (1g × 60 capsule)■ How to save: save direct sunlight, at less than 25 ℃ avoid the heat and humidity■ Manufacturer: COBO, Inc. CO4

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