Download Download House of natural milk acid bacteria and isPesticide-free service a 100%used,Japanese of the bowel through the natural fermentation of lactic acid bacteria powder. Lactic acid bacteria have the...

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Download Download House of natural milk acid bacteria and is

Pesticide-free service a 100%used,Japanese of the bowel through the natural fermentation of lactic acid bacteria powder. Lactic acid bacteria have the best rice, and nurturing environment."Fungus snuggle up to"a unique method born. Food to fully digest, which can beNutrition from the blood can absorb,Waste promptly excreted can be to the body."Natural fermentation of lactic acid bacteria"is,of powdery snow, like the mouthfeel of a good powder.And it doesn't have,and lactic acid taste.From children to old people,every day of Your is considered to be.
The best rice and Koji, and water is only raw material,And low temperature environment long-term natural fermented from lactic acid bacteria and yeast.Them alive or freeze-on. First, powder it and drink. Lactic acid bacteria and yeast, the belly, and melting into you,Cheerfully working to you can feel. Download Download House of natural milk acid bacteria.Healthy every day, please feel free to contact us.

The customer's voice

The body burden without enter Chemical sensitivity, and rice so as to cover the vinyl can react to it, but this powder is the body to burden me with.

(Woman in her 30s)

Skin tone is also good Dozens of years of constipation was. What drink can I had to, in about a week,changed. Every day, the feeling and tone of the skin is also good.

(Woman in her 30s)

A terrible cold is better Blood flow was not from the terrible cold than before also.Hair amount to increase by?

(Woman in her 30s)

Bowel movements are improved, the middle of the night for assistance has decreased In the nursing home,"natural fermented milk acid bacteria"use amazake to a tenant behavior have a...... Bowel movements are improved, the middle of the night to assist decrease the field also help.

(Woman in her 30s)

Sweet full taste From a friend recommended I purchased. Soy milk yogurt making is used. Miso soup it taste the way with a variety of dishes you can use to taste it. I want to try.

And your (40s・women)

Lately your name on previous reviews now appears as "a Google user". Day 3 packaging and drank from the belly of the tone is excellent. Also, the bread made,the skin is on the inside, while at the same time I dust the sugar in the slightly sweet bread was.

You have your (50s・women)

Eat and delicious Some sake will taste all the more sweet, and even eat and delicious. Made from rice taste.

1226 customer (woman in her 30s)

Side effects of the drug will be lightly From a young age,colonic disease with him. Drinking side effects of drugs lighter.

(40's female)

And,entering the body feel And,entering the body feel. Milk than their fit feel.

(Woman in her 30s)

Download Download House of natural milk acid bacteria and the mobile command group of the difference

Raw materials and production methods are the same.Download Download House of natural milk acid bacteria are the producers in the area the house isA whole new fermentation environment,more bacteria and increase the quality of the new product. Staff tasting impressions・Mobile command set---sweet in the slightest acidity.・Natural fermented milk acid bacteria---the acidity is almost a natural sweetness in the sake of such a fluffy and smell.

Download Download House of natural milk acid bacteria and serving

It's more

Rough taste, the lactic acid taste.Daily only,and in.......
※For food,there is noChildren(elementary school students) 1 Day 1 wrapped up,Adult 1 day 1-3 follicles to and. After a meal is recommended.


Rice the digestion of encouraging it.Favorite instrument (chirimen, plum, 青海苔, sesame, salt, etcMaterial to heat)to the mix, the better.

Miso soup to

Fungus is alive, and miso if you also.Plus, if lactic acid bacteria on power-up.


Sugar to it,drink it.Fruits and vegetables for antioxidants to smooth absorption.


Salt, along with the powder to everyoneThe refrigerator. Little and classy lactic acid bacteria for pickles in.

Eggs to

The eggs are mixed,and bake. Fluffy, light finish.Vegetable oil is used, the butter flavor comes out.

Bran on the floor

Bran on the floor 1 packet,mix into the refrigerator.Lactic acid bacteria, in effect, to disappear?!Pickle flavor of the pickled one.

Soy yogurt how to make

【Things you need】Soy milk(ingredients no adjustment)...350ccDownload Download House of natural milk acid bacteria...1 packet (g)Screw type frame with bottle (450ml) 【grow] in the1. Sterilize the bottles in the"natural fermented milk acid bacteria"and 1 teaspoon of water and put a spoon in the mix. (Lactic acid is going out!)2.1 soy milk and pour into the mix. From a tank for that.3. The refrigerator(vegetable compartment 7 ~ 10℃), and more.4.3~4 days after and I only start out. To any etc.5. Loose lumps began to eat. * Make sure stored in the refrigerator as soon eat you as well....※Soy milk and refrigerated temperature by the number of days required will vary.

Download Download House of natural milk acid bacteria of the charm

Download Download Home is 10 years,1 thousand to over studentsCelebrated,natural fermentation of the course and I, for one, do not have the time you can.
It intestinal upset or indigestion on the lot, andNo matter how many. Intestinal flora, improvement ofAllergies, obesity, diabetes, cancer and depression, etcModern disease cure cutting-edge medical care and attention.

Why natural fermentation of lactic acid bacteria in the gut good?

Vegetable lactic acid bacteria is from ancient times, Japanese people, even as you can. Natural fermentation of lactic acid bacteria,the best rice(completely pesticide-free services security)andStarter(spawn without addition of the wild of the brewery with malt),
The only water in the raw materialAnd low temperature environment,long-term natural fermentation used. At low temperature, grow by the bacteria that live in the moreTough environment surviving in the wild of the bacteria using the combined power of all living entities.This process,lactic acid bacteria and yeast (Lactococcus・multipolar budding yeast・extracellular polysaccharide)is a symbiotic or a colony is born.This colony that the Japanese in the bowels of familiar,lactic acid bacteria, the form of it. Download Download House, years of research by natural selection by bacteria and can control theNatural fermentation of the stabilization was successful. (Patent pending) the lactic acid bacteria colonies(symbiont)living or freeze-dried ofDownload Download House of natural milk acid bacteria in the.

Download Download House of natural milk acid bacteria comparison table


Download Download House of natural milk acid bacteria manufacturing process

Software Download Home"natural fermentation of lactic acid bacteria"isThe nature of the"bacteria in a nestling"process is. Natural foods Institute COBO Lab. Yokohama inDownload Download the house by the hand of the fermentation,the natural fermentation. ・Yamagata, pesticide-free service a 100%naturally grown brown rice koji is prepared.
・Rice steamed acceleration,fungus the growth of the balance involved.Uniformly cooked whether,again and again to make sure.
・Cold or steamed rice to brown rice koji, and water, combined with the bottled.
・Natural fermented food Research Institute ofSpecial cold room, and more than 30 days of natural fermentation.Bacteria to cull the low temperature, strong lactic acid bacteria it.And effects of chemicals is less,Lactic acid bacteria grow and the environment is important.
・Every day, the bacteria state of the tasting byConfirmed. A little balance andThe quality is degraded, the fermentation involves risks,Thoroughly"fungus snuggle up to"is important. ・Lactic acid bacteria and yeast flora(colonies)is completed,Strainer and so on. Handmade by a fungus of the burdenThis. ・Of the fungus to reduce the load of its own, frozen in the act the. ・Company send to,lyophilized (freeze-dried).Bacteria load is less,hassle and timeIts own production process-freeze-drying carried out at a reasonable price.
・(The product to be added to this)Dextrin and oligosaccharide, such as any addition, withoutIngredients"rice, rice-koji"is used only for completely additive-free food.
・Grinding, sealed after work,shipped. "Natural fermented milk acid bacteria"in your hands.Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and high humidity for 2 years,and use.

Natural fermentation of about the stability

Natural fermentation and is the"acid and yeast without the addition of the"fermentation of the thing. The culture of vegetables, grains, beans, etcIn the cold period the charged material to adhere to, orLiving in the environment, The Motley 菌環 from the environmentNatural selection a process that is important. First, low temperature, strong lactic acid bacteria to growThe bacteria is excellent. Next, yeast is proliferatingAmino acid and alcohol, and thereAcetic acid bacteria proliferation fermentation you. Nature's fungus of theNatural fermentation is.
Modern sterilization processing by natural fermentation difficult.Also, sterilization and bacteria of risk for"Natural fermentation is unstable and the reproducibility poor"see and be seen. COBO Download Download Home is,bacteria and,Natural fermentation, the stability can be reproduced.Point Flora(flora)found. Japanese rice, grown from a variety of lactic acid bacteria community."Natural fermented lactic acid bacteria," patent pending 2014-088640

COBO Download Download about the House

ウエダ家の自然発酵乳酸菌COBO Download Download Home is Japanese soil, fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, etc, fromNatural fermentation research as you can. From that experience,the most long-term,natural fermentation lasting,One of the materials from the diverse taste and flavorService of rice and feel.The Japanese rice to it and again,I know it. "Natural fermentation"system, with the establishment of the patent to the machine,Themselves only, this lactic acid bacteria, yeast,Looking for people to help. Body,Table take, I think.So was thinking in 2011. Fermentation brewing industry revolutionaries"Katayama head office of"Katayama representative I met.Sake is not"rice test"the market to some was Katayama's."Down down house to my list"freeze dry powder to debut will.Completely additive-free natural foods, as even now, the living book. 2005 years 4 months. Download Download house, from the fungus of"quality"to improveCOBO Lab. Yokohama was established. Bacteria the best(refrigerated / frozen)environment in Yokohama, and more.This"fungus nestles in the process of"realizing you can. COBO Lab. Yokohama production"natural fermentation of lactic acid bacteria"are bacteria and lactic acid bacteria of the force is more enhanced,as a dietary Supplement evolution.Day by day,and growing.

Download Download House of natural milk acid bacteria notes

■Raw materials:Yamagata pesticide-free services security,naturally grown brown rice koji■Contents quantity: 30g (1G×30 packaging)■How to save:avoid direct sunlight store below 25ºC■Manufacturer:COBO Co., Ltd. CO 4

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