Rice Koji Powder 100 g - Kyoto Hishiroku Special -

Rice Koji Powder 100 g --Kyoto Hishiroku Special Kyoto's long-established fermentation foods manufacturer "Hishiroku", which lasts more than 300 years since its establishment, The malted rice powder that is good...

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Rice Koji Powder 100 g --Kyoto Hishiroku Special

Kyoto's long-established fermentation foods manufacturer "Hishiroku", which lasts more than 300 years since its establishment, The malted rice powder that is good for both health and beauty was developed through repeated trial and error to make it easier to be used for daily meal . It is "Rice Koji Powder".

Rice Jiuqu Powder

Rice koji powder is dried raw koji processed into finely powdered form. It is pulverized by a unique manufacturing method so that friction heat is not applied to the koji.
Therefore the power of the enzyme remained intact.

As it is powder, it can be easily made into salt koji, soy sauce koji, sweet sake etc. without it becoming lumps flour. Further, depending on the idea the usage is not restricted at all, such as mixing it with bread and cookie.

This koji rice powder also suitable for meat tenderizers. Prep your meat to make the delicious Dry Aged Koji Rice Steak at home!

Amazake bread salted jiuqu

"Rice Koji Powder" filled with the power of enzyme of koji, We will deliver in 100g pack easy to be used at home. Give it a try once.


What is koji?

Moisturised raw grain (rice, wheat, bean etc), then the seeds are seeded on the steamed material and cultured under temperature conditions suitable for the growth of koji molds. Koji has so many kinds of enzymes that it is said to be a treasure house of enzymes which decomposes grains with its power.
In addition, Koji itself is a nutritious food packed with sugar, amino acids, vitamins, minerals etc. Using koji, we make traditional fermented foods such as sake, authentic shochu, mirin, miso, soy sauce, vinegar, sweet sake etc.

Miso amazake soy sauce

Efficacy of rice koji

Rice koji contains various kinds of enzymes such as amylase, lipase, protease, pectinase, etc, it is said that the number is to be more than 30 kinds. These enzymes help to break down and digest food, and also produces oligosaccharides, which are the "good bacteria" in the intestines. It also helps to improve the intestinal environment (intestinal flora) and expected to improve immunity. In addition, enzymes of rice koji include vitamin B1, B2, B6, folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid, Biotin, molybdenum, etc which has the function of generating vitamin B group.
Vitamin B group helps cell metabolism, keeps hair, skin, and nails healthy. It also helps to recover from fatigue and prevent anemia. Especially vitamin B6 and folic acid are essential nutrients for pregnant women. In this way, Rice koji can be expected to have multiple beneficial effects on health and beauty. The "Koji powder" is a powder that is easy to use while maintaining the power of the enzyme.


Voice of staff

Koji rice is good for the health. Though it is a bit difficult to adapt normal Koji rice it into regular cuisine, the potential has expanded a lot after it becoming a powder.
According to the President of Hishiroku, it is also can be eaten with rice. This situation can be compared with the idiom of "Killing two birds with one stone", where the sweetness of rice is felt and digestion is also aided by Koji rice.

Rice Jiuqu Powder


Rice Koji Powder 100 g - Kyoto Hishiroku Special - Recommended Usage

① Salt koji with no "grain" left, soy sauce koji  

· Salt koji ... 10 g of salt, 60 cc of water, 30 g of rice koji powder (mix in order of salt → water → rice koji) · soy sauce koji ... 60 cc of soy sauce, 30 g of rice koji powder 【Recommended】 Mix with egg-pickled rice instead of soy sauce or you can enjoy it deliciously when attached to meat, such as shamai or chicken. ※ Because mixing is easy, stir it well. ※ store in the refrigerator at normal room temperature.
You can use it from the next day you stock ※.

② Sweet sake without "grain"  

For rice koji powder 30 g, hot water 200 cc. Ferment at 55 to 60 ° C for about 10 hours. (Place in hot water → powder in order.) Stir well as it becomes lumpy. Refrigerated or frozen (For storing for more than 1 week) without heat sterilization. Rice liquor of rice koji has a very high nutritional value and is also called "drip infusion". Not only that, it is also noteworthy beverage that is expected to have skin benefits, constipation, and diet.

③ Bread

By changing 2 to 5% of the powder raw material to rice koji powder, The dough softens, it swells well and finishes moistly. ※ A baker in the neighborhood of Ryoshi is used for making bread.

④ Pastry using cookie, hot cake, rice flour (sponge cake, chiffon cake, butter cake etc.)  

By changing 20% ​​of the powder raw material to rice koji powder, a moist feeling is born in the fabric.

⑤ fermented soymilk without "grain" (fermented soy milk sauce)  

250 ~ 300 cc of unadjusted soy milk, 100 g of rice koji powder (put in order of unadjusted soy milk → rice koji powder) Ferment for about 10 hours at 55 ~ 60 ℃. Storage is refrigerated or frozen (when storing for more than 1 week) without heat sterilization.

 Others, soup stocks such as miso soup and soup, Liquid seasoning such as soy sauce and dressing. Even if it is mixed in an appropriate amount in an enzyme beverage such as a smoothie, You can enjoy the power of koji easily deliciously.

Supervised by fermented food chef Haruka Mano, the power of Kouji! Kyoto Hishiroku "Rice Koji Powder" Recipe

Ms. Haruka Mano who is actively engaged as a fermented cooking researcher. This time, she supervised the recipe of cooking that can be made easily using rice koji powder of Kyoto Hishiroku. Everything incorporates rice koji powder, all can be easily be challenged. Please have a try.

Food Fermentation Researcher
Ms. Haruka Mano

Let's bring fermented seasoning into our everyday cooking.

Borned in 1990, after leaving a specialized trading company, Ms. Haruka Mona obtained Food Coordinator qualification. She gained experience through working at a restaurant kitchen as a cooking research assistant, and work independently as a freelancer. Focusing on the idea of dishes that matches with Japanese rice wine, she begin to engage in wide range of activities such as cooking recipe, food product, become a cooking class instructor and even a writer.

Was firsly inspired by her fondness of Japanese rice wine, she opened herself a new door towards the fermentation culture. She has visited various breweries places for fermentation prducts such as sake, miso and soy sauce throughout the country. By utilizing the deliciousness of the ingredients, Ms. Haruka Mano is an expert in proposing simple and colourful dishes.



By sprinkling rice koji powder, the chicken breast meat becomes tender and juicy.
Preparation time25minutes


・Chicken Breast Meat
1 piece (300g)
・Olive oil
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
Rice Koji Powder
1 Tablespoon
1/3 Teaspoon
a little
Salt Koji (Check out the recipe below)
1 Tablespoon
1 10g
・Vegetable of your choice
reasonable amount


Prick the chicken breast in several places with a fork. Mix the ingredients well, sprinkle evenly over the chicken breast meat, leave it for more than 5 minutes. (If you have time, leave it for more than an hour).
Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and bake the chicken from the skin with a low medium heat. Saute for about 3 minutes until browned and turn it over, sprinkle sake, coat and cook for 7 minutes with low heat.
When the fire is stopped, put it as it is until coarse fever is obtained.
Put the ingredients of in a small saucepan and cook it to make sauce.
After the chicken cooled down, slice it and then arrange it on a plate. Sauce over the portion along with the vegetable of your choice and serve it.


Koji powder softens the minced meat. With plenty of gravy, even delicious after chilled
Enjoy with salted koji tomato sauce.
Preparation time40minutes


・Ground beef
・Rice Koji Powder
2 teaspoons
1/2 teaspoon
・Onion (chopped)
1 piece
・Salad oil
(a) 1 tablespoon
(b) 2 teaspoon
a little
a little
・Olive oil
1 tablespoon
・Garlic (cchopped)
・Tomato sauce can (cut)
1 can
・Rice Koji Salt (Check out the recipe above)
2 tablespoons
3 tablespoons
・Vegetable of your choice
according to preferences


Heat the salad oil (a) in a frying pan and stir fry until the onion has soften
In a bowl mix ground beef, Rioe Koji powder, salt, ① chopped onion, egg, and nutmeg together with some pepper and knead it well.
Form it into 3-4 equal patties, with both hand toss it from right to left while removing the air inside the mixture and shape it into a ball. Lightly pressed in the middle of each patty to make an indent.
Heat the salad oil (b) in a frying pan and bake the hamburger over medium heat. When one side turned fully brown, flip it over. Cover and cook over low heat for 5 minutes.
Prick it with bamboo skewer, if the juices run clear turn of the heat. (If its reddish, cook it until it become clear.
In a small pan, heat the olive oil and garlic until fragrant, add boiled tomato can, Koji salt, liquor and simmer for about 5 minutes
Serve thehamburger on a plate, topped with tomato sauce, and your favorite vegetables.


A rich texture Pancake, with the power of Rice Koji Powder!
Served with Amazake berry sauce made from Rice Koji Powder
Preparation time40minutes


・Rice flour
・Koji Powder
・Baking Powder
1 teaspoon (3.5g)
・Oil (Rapeseed or even rice oil)
2 Teaspoons
・Amazake Berry Sauce
1 teaspoon (3.5g)
(a)3 pieces
(b)5 pieces
15 pieces


Make an Amazake Berry Sauce. Cut (a)strawberry into 15mm while (b)strawberry according to your preffering size (for the topping). Put amazake and butter in a small pot, heat over medium heat, and let it boil while stirring with a wooden spatula.
When it is thick, add (a)strawberry. After it boiled up, turn off the heat and let it cooled off.
Put all ingredients of the pancake in a bowl, stir with whisk until the roux blended and there is no more lumps remained. (Viscosity varies depending on the type of rice flour, so adjust the amount of milk while observing it)
Heat the frying pan over a low medium heat, and switch to low heat when warmed and pour ① into a cup or half a bowl. When the tops bubble, flip it over, bake it for about 30 seconds and then transfer it to platter.
Bake and stack the desired number of pancakes.
Pour the sweet berry sauce from ① into ③ and top the strawberry and blueberry from (b).


Just mix rice koji powder into hot water, keep warm with the thermos!
You'll be surprised enough that you can make delicious sweet sake
Preparation time15minutes


・Rice Koji Powder


Put water in a pot and turn on the heat, and turn off the heat when it gets warmed to 65 degrees.
Add rice koji powder and stir until the foam disappears using whisk.
Once again heat it over low heat up to 65 degrees, then transfer to the thermos..
keep it warm for more than 8 hours, the sweet sake is completed..


In order to keep in the warmth condition, please make it more than 80% of the capacity of the thermos bottle. (If the amount is small, the temperature tends to decrease, saccharification may become insufficient in some cases)
It can be stored in cold storage for 5 days ~ 1 week, frozen for up to 3 months.

About Rice Koji Powder 100 g - Kyoto Hishiroku Co., Ltd Special Product

Kyoto's long-established Koji seed of "Hishiroku" that lasts more than 300 years since its foundation. Currently, there are only 10 different Koji stores in Japan, Hishiroku has continued to protect the tradition as a kind of koji. Currently, we have 45 varieties of Aspergillus. It is used not only in Kyoto but also in fermented foods such as miso and soy sauce across the country, I support the food culture of Japan.
Seed Jiuqu Ryoroku

Message from the company for Koji - Kyoto "Hishiroku" Special Product

In the land of mountain and river that surrounds the royal castle · of Kyoto has raised the reputation of "Hishiroku" for over 300 years. In its long history, he steadily promoted steady progress of seed koji. A small work hidden in Koji kin (a bacteria used for making Koji), to the future tomorrow that will eventually produce big things I truly believe that it will become vitality, I am researching and endeavoring to deliver highly stable products with aunthenticity. We would like to ask you for further patronage as we can make use of the products of Hishihiroku.


Usage Precautions

·Make sure to clean up appliances, cloths, hands and so on carefully so that germs etc. do not enter.
·Please use after opening as soon as possible.

For Japanese address, this item will be shipped by Kuroneko Mail facilities, We deliver it by envelope in a simplified way.
For the address outside Japan, this item will be shipped by EMS or FedEx. Please note beforehand that shipment could take up to 1-2 weeks differ in each country.
Payment by cash on delivery is not possible.

Product Detail

Net Content 100g
Ingredient · Rice (Domestic) · Koji Kin
Storage method Refrigerator (vegetable room)
(Please use as soon as possible after opening)
Rice Jiuqu Powder

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