U made(scale link)| home versatile chef's knife isUse in cooking knife as the famous"u made(scale national)"families and an all-purpose chef's knife is. The chef's knife, and meat of course, fish...

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U made(scale link)| home versatile chef's knife is

Use in cooking knife as the famous"u made(scale national)"families and an all-purpose chef's knife is. The chef's knife, and meat of course, fish and vegetables such as multi-use facilities. High・carbon, high-Chrome special stainless can u consists of numerous knives lineup, the most sound a bit strong, sharp cutting and sharpening, and proud of it. A cook from a housewife,once I see how many"u made". Sharpness sharp,easy to clean,hard to break. The lifetime of the knife for those looking for out of this. knives in. This product is the thin blade kitchen knives 21cm type.
佑成 万能牛刀


U made(case scenario)introduction of

佑成 万能牛刀
U made a professed Cook, who is enormously popular knife brand. Showa eight years since its inception,Toyama, in the land of excellent training techniques and lore, the highest peak of the knife about to end.
佑成 万能牛刀 佑成 万能牛刀
U made knives, the artisans in the traditional skill inherited and sincere heart, carefully wrought, and the cooks of the right arm as a trusted,long it continues.
佑成 万能牛刀 佑成 万能牛刀
The main is Japanese food for Japanese kitchen knives, professional use special knives lot available. The assortment is broad, Wagyu sword, as 洋包丁 also the chef's knife, triple-purpose,Petty knife, and the lineup is rich. But it's certainly not from the quality,professional cook, not only Housewife to have a lot of"u made". Blade sharpness sharp, not to mention ease-of-Use, damage the reputation and value in grooming it can be used for a longer lifetime of the knife in.

Sharpness sharp and do not rust easily

The program also admitted surprise that the sharpness of the

佑成 万能牛刀
Excellent sharpness have been proud of it. The chef's knife is the blade body is long, the meat block and cut when well used, the wear of the soft fish and the leaves of the vegetables, or hard root vegetables, such as the ingredients in it taste sharp and can cut. Other knives when compared to the Spa was cut when the cross section of the beauty of the exceptional, professional cooks from the evaluation of the High choice for the sharpness of it.

Service, and easy to clean

Blade material is high・carbon, high-Chrome special stainless used. Knife material used stainless in the"SUS440C"with high hardness with a very rare and Special Steel is used, and the quality is high, service not features. U made this many knives in the lineup of even the most strong rust and sharpening for a sharp cut is intact, clean and easy going for.
佑成 万能牛刀

Meat, fish and vegetables, to cut 万能包丁

"The chef's knife"is the name of it from a meat cut only the image that there are, in fact, this one if fine with most all-purpose and kitchen knives in. The General's home at"三徳包丁"compared to the blade the longer the blade the width is low, and warping resistance. The cutting edge is thin but overall the blade body is thick because of the soft food from the hard for use in a wide range of guests. Meat, fish and vegetables finely chopped and work it this chef's knife is speedy to do so.
佑成 万能牛刀


How to care

There is no need to perform special maintenance, but after enough dirt and moisture has been removed, the moisture of it behind in storage.

Gifts for is pleased with it.

佑成 万能牛刀
Gift and pleasure for guests. Cooking lovers,this cookware to gifts the best.

Size / specifications

佑成 万能牛刀
Size: length 325mm,blade the 210mm weight: 165g material: 440 steel(stainless steel) country of Origin: Japan

Precautions for use

佑成 万能牛刀
・After use, dry cloth to wipe off moisture. ・Regularly honed in, as well as sharpness without compromising the use.
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