Harimaen Organic Uji Green Tea (Ryokucha) Powder 40g

Harimaen Organic Uji Green Tea (Ryokucha) Powder 40g


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About Harimaen Organic Uji Green Tea (Ryokucha) Powder 40g

Organic Green Tea (Ryokucha) Powder by Harimaen is made only with the highest quality and softest green tea leaves from Uji, Kyoto.


Because 100% of the green tea leaves are grounded in a fine powder, you can get all of its possible nutrients (antioxidants, carotene, vitamin E, dietary fiber, etc.) in every cup. It is very recommended for those who want to focus on beauty and health products.


Not only processed using high-quality green tea leaves,
This green tea powder uses organically cultivated tea leaves under the Japanese Organic JAS Certification, USDA Organic Certification, and EU Organic Certification standards.

Everyone, including small children, can safely drink everyday tea because the raw ingredients are free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


You can enjoy about 40 cups of green tea in one bag (40 g).

How to enjoy the green tea powder: dissolve one teaspoon (1g) of Green Tea Powder into 100cc of hot water or water. Very easy and delicious, both for hot/cold tea.

Please enjoy the delicious and refreshing fragrance of organic Uji Green Tea Powder in your daily diet!


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What is Green Tea Powder?


Powdered Green Tea is the name for green tea leaves grounded in fine powder form.

It can be drunk simply by dissolving the green tea powder in hot water or water. This way, you can drink green tea powder in a very convenient way, hot or cold, in every season throughout the year!
It's also convenient because there are no tea leaves, and using a teapot is not too necessary.

Also, "green tea (ryokucha) powder" and "black tea (kocha)" have different standards.

Black tea uses fermented tea leaves, while green tea uses immediately steamed tea leaves. Because green tea needs freshly picked tea leaves for the steaming process, black tea tends to use inferior tea leaves to green tea.

Learn more about green tea and its health benefits in our article below.


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Lots of people believe that tea could help us become healthier.
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Customer's Review


I started drinking Green Tea Powder because..

When I saw that the catechin component of green tea would prevent colds and flu in the newspaper article, I started drinking green tea immediately.

This green tea is convenient because you can drink it immediately if you want to drink it. I always drank the strong brew to prevent colds.

It has a good fragrance and very suitable to drink after a meal. - Mr. jooji


The last time I bought it, my mother liked it so much. So I ordered again.

For maintaining good health, my parents and I drink it together after meals.

This product is also good because it is an organic product. - Ms. Noriko Shimada


I will repurchase it.

It is safe because it is domestically grown and the price is reasonable. The taste is also strong. - Ms. Moe


It's easy to clean up because there are no tea leaves.

Organic powdered green tea is quite an excellent product, and it is also quite rare, so I glad that I've found this. It's easy to clean up because there are no tea leaves. - Mr. Yokota


I will buy it again.

The price is affordable, it's organic, and the taste is also delicious.
I think this product is pretty good.

I will buy it again. Thank you. - Ms. april22


It has a deep taste, and it is delicious.

Aside from that, you can easily brew the tea. Very convenient and delicious. - Mr. sobonnu

Message from The Uji Matcha Producer - Harimaen

We have been doing organic tea cultivation for more than 20 years.

Before that, we took two full days to spray all the tea fields with pesticides. And so we were producing the general agriculture tea that sprayed with pesticide seven to eight times.

One Year in Showa 47Th Year, Summer -. I collapsed in the tea plantation when spraying the pesticide. The doctor said that if I keep spraying the pesticide in hot weather with light clothes like this, eventually I could damage my liver, or I can not ever drink any liquor.

That said, the pesticide will give a heavy burden on anyone who consumes any food with it.

Therefore, we decide to make organic tea cultivation that is pesticide-free and non-chemical fertilizer cultivation.


At first, we had a difficult time with organic cultivation. The harvested tea is decreasing, and other people told us that it is difficult to grow tea plants without pesticides.

But we keep doing the trials and errors for the sake of ourselves, our family, and people who continue to consume our product.

With this motive, our tree becomes more robust, and the harvest is gradually stabilized.



Harimaen Seicha's
Mr. Harima Yoshiyuki

I am satisfied to deliver this organic cultivation green tea (ryokucha) powder to everyone. It is our pleasure to bring safe, healthy products for more than 10 years. Please enjoy Organic Uji Green Tea Powder that is carefully made without any pesticide cultivation.

Green Tea Benefits

Green tea contains many active ingredients. Unfortunately, many of those ingredients do not dissolve in water or hot water when you brew them. They got thrown away together with the tea leaves instead.

This organic green tea powder allows you to consume many active ingredients in green tea without worrying about pesticides.

Green tea powder mainly has the following ingredients and effects:

Dietary fibers. Effective for constipation prevention and other prevention for colon cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.
Beta-carotene antioxidant (active oxygen) is an effective anti-cancer ingredient, especially for lung and skin cancer. Also can help to prevent cataract and to enhance immune function.
Vitamin E is an effective anti-cancer ingredient (digestive system, lung, and breast cancer). Vitamin E can also help prevent diabetes, heart disease, cataract and enhance immune function.
Chlorophyll can prevent cancer, anti mutation, ulcer disease prevention, and deodorant.
Catechin is one of the natural antioxidants contained in green tea. It is an anti-cancer ingredient, especially for lung, kidney, pancreas, breast, and skin cancer. Moreover, it could help blood cholesterol suppression, blood sugar elevation suppression, dental caries prevention, and acts as antibacterial properties.
Complex tannin antioxidants are an anti-cancer ingredient rich in flavonoids. Tannin can prevent coronary heart disease.
Saponins for anti-asthma, antibacterial, and lowering blood pressure.

How to Drink Organic Green Tea Powder Deliciously


You can enjoy green tea powder with 2 different ways.

  • teapot

    When brewing in teapot:

    1. Add 1 teaspoon (about 1 g) of green tea powder to the teapot.

    2. Add 100 cc of hot water and turn the teapot horizontally for about 30 times.

    3. Pour the water into cup. Enjoy.

  • teacup

    When brewing using tea cup:

    1. Add 1 teaspoon (about 1 g) of green tea powder.

    2. Add 100 cc of hot water, and stir well.

    * You can also enjoy cold green tea by adding ice.

This green tea powder is delicious to drink as hot tea to warm you up in winter,
As an ice tea for summer refreshments,
Or as a green tea latte that is popular among children.
Please enjoy any green tea beverage according to your liking!

Important Points on How to Store Tea

● Store in a cool and dry place before and after opening. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.

● Freshness is important in tea. Please consume after opening as soon as possible.

● Any kinds of tea are susceptible and could change in quality due to temperature, humidity, and light. Please ensure to use an airtight container to store the tea after opening and store it in a cool, dark place.

● Tea leaves have the property of absorbing odors, so be careful of scents when storing them in the refrigerator. We recommend storing in the freezer for long-term storage, but be cautious of water droplets when taken out. However, it is best to drink as soon as possible so you can enjoy the freshness of the tea.

Product Details

Name Harimaen Organic Uji Green Tea (Ryokucha) Powder
Contents 40g
Raw Ingredients Organic green tea (Kyoto)
Production Area Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Expiration Date About 10 months
Preservation Method Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.

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