Leaf of loquat extract 200ml

And the leaf extract 200ml of loquat isKumamoto Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefecture, the leaves of pesticide-free Biwa of Awaji Island production, is the extract marinated about 10 months in the white...

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And the leaf extract 200ml of loquat is

Kumamoto Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefecture, the leaves of pesticide-free Biwa of Awaji Island production, is the extract marinated about 10 months in the white liquor.Leaves moxa of loquat, or substitute in case the leaves of the loquat is not, you can use such as the leaf extract poultice of loquat. Of course, it is okay to paint to your skin as it is.

Using the leaf extract of loquat

 ■ hot compressesLoquat leaf extract compress method is to use a cloth that contains the loquat leaf extract as a poultice, is the therapy to take advantage of, such as the analgesic. The amygdalin contained in the loquat has analgesic action and bactericidal action,Loquat leaf extract is lower back pain, neuralgia, frozen shoulder, arthritis, knee, elbow pain,Also believed to be in musculoskeletal diseases such as bruises and sprains.
 ■ loquat leaf extract coating method Loquat leaf extract coating method is a method of painting directly loquat leaf extract at the point where the pain and injury.Amygdalin contained in the leaves of the loquat is, has a bactericidal action and analgesic action,When you use the swelling and anti-inflammatory of the entire body is thought to be effective. Mouth wounds, stomatitis, periodontal disease, even in diseases of the mouth, such as throat swelling and painYou can use. When applied to the mouth, because the stimulus is strongLet's use the extract 3,4 times diluted by. In addition to mouth, it boils, acne, also scratches, is-out insects, rash, athlete's foot, also in symptoms such as FukazumeIt is said to be effective. For some people to cause a rash in the loquat leaf extract,It is recommended that you go pre-patch test and the like.
 ■ loquat lotionOriginally loquat leaf that has demonstrated the power to burn and scratches as a folk medicine, since the very high repair capacity of the place that ached,If you are using on a daily basis as a cosmetic water, it is said to be good for the prevention of a variety of skin problems.It can also be used after effective and beard of a man shaving well as to atopy or stains. • In How to make water of handmade lotion diluted to 5 times (extract: water = 1: 4), be added glycerin (moisturizing) to your liking,Is completion of handmade lotion.Please as a guideline the extent 1/100 of the total amount of glycerin.On the basis of this amount, extract, please adjust the concentration to your liking to glycerin both.* If dilute with water storage because it becomes weak antiseptic effect of alcohol is in the refrigerator,Let's use up to two weeks as a guide. (Summer is about a week)■ leaves of loquat bathAnd boiled the leaves of the loquat you put in the bath the boiled hot water along with the leaves.Hot water is very soft, so that went into the hot spring warm from the core of the body,Since difficult to Yuzame to the people of poor circulation it is especially recommended.The high is also effective eczema and skin diseases, helps to fatigue recovery.■ leaf extract of loquat moxaLeaf moxa of loquat may seem at first glance complicated, but, is your allowance method that can also easy going at home.Overlapping leaves, cloth and paper on top of the skin, against the bar moxa from on it, if become warm and will continue to move little by little.Leaf moxa of loquat is at the far red-hot of moxa, in addition to the soft warmth, you infiltrated the components of the leaves of the loquat deep into the body. Recommended for the first one in the Kawashima ya,Loquat leaf moxa setWe offer.Electric moxa deviceYour allowance by is even more easy and recommended.

The voice of the leaf extract staff of loquat

Leaf extract of loquat are and love as a lotion.From so as to use it, I was surprised it difficult it is rash was suffering much.Fruity scent to faint, I really like because it is refreshing Betatsukazu. Even insect bites, it feels fast healing and paint the leaf extract of loquat undiluted solution.It is one of the home of standing goods.

 Loquat leaf extract ↓ here is also recommended. ↓

Notes leaf extract 200ml of loquat

びわの葉エキス200ml Leaf moxa of loquat can be with ease, electrical moxibustion "Kiteikyu nano-platinum" is also recommended.Loquat leaf moxa by Kiteikyu is, if there is a loquat leaves and power, you can comfortably carry out alone.Kiteikyu Nano PlatinumThe page here.
 Ingredients: loquat leaf white liquorPlace of Origin: Kumamoto Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefecture, (can be one of the left depending on the season) pesticide-free loquat leaves of Awaji Island productionContents: 200mlHow to save: Please save to avoid the heat and humidity.
 Loquat leaves and loquat leaves moxa, regard loquat therapy using the loquat speciesIt has been featured in more detail in you and the health company Yuriko Tojo books of. Yuriko Tojo you and your health, Inc.The page here.

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