Natto Starter Spores Powder - Natto Starter Derived from 100% Organic Soybean Extract 100% of pure culture natto starter/Bacillus subtilis natto extracted from organic soybean is used. Since this natto...

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Natto Starter Spores Powder - Natto Starter Derived from 100% Organic Soybean Extract

Natto Starter

100% of pure culture natto starter/Bacillus subtilis natto extracted from organic soybean is used.

Since this natto starter has very strong fermentation ability, even the person who try to make natto for the first time can easily make tasty natto with this.

Product Size Variation

Enjoy other size variations of Natto Starter Spores Powder/Bacillus subtilis natto.

This product is easy to use even for first-timers who want to make homemade natto. Choose the product content according to the number of homemade natto you want to make at home!


What is Natto Starter Spores?

It is the starter culture for making natto, a kind of bacteria named Bacillus subtilis var. natto.

To make natto, after you boil the soybeans and sprinkle the starter spores on it, keep it warm so the fermentation process can occur.

Bacillus Natto Starter Spores magnified

Natto Starter Spores (Bacillus subtilis var. Natto)


The Kawashima-ya Natto Starter Spores is especially made for natto-making at home.

Extracted from organic soybean (not geneticlly modified), 100% pure culture natto bacteria is used.

With this, you can easily use high-quality powdered natto starter spores, which is also used by natto manufacturer, right at your home in the form of powder(Bacillus subtilis natto:1x10^10 CFU/g)

The speciality of this product is, compared to ordinary natto starter, this starter spores have stronger fermentation power.

Since this natto starter has very strong fermentation ability, the soybeans can ferment easily. Therefore even the first-time-try person can easily make delicious natto with this without fail.

100% Organic Soybeans
(Not Genetically Modified)
Top Quality Natto Starter
(Bacillus subtilis natto:1x10^10 CFU/g)

How to Make Natto?

It is very easy to make natto with this natto starter.

After the soybeans are boiled nicely, and the natto starter is sprinkled on the soybeans, then keep it warm for about 24 hours.

Then, the delicious handmade natto is ready.


How to Make Homemade Natto
We will explain about how to make homemade natto using natto starter (Bacillus subtilis natto) and soybeans (available with video and instruction pictures). The article will let you learn about natto and how to make natto in details.
Go check out the recommended products for natto, too!
Read the article here

Essential Items for making Natto

As we know there are some procedure that need to be keep in mind before making Natto. First the most essential is type of bean in which will determine the taste of Natto that you make. Second in order to efficiently succeed in making Natto you will need TANICA Yogurtia-S which will help you effortlessly during the procedure. Making Natto more easier and simple with Tanica Yogurtia and more healthy with Organic Soybean "Suzumaru". Have it a try.

TANICA Yogurtia-S Fermented-Foods Maker

An essential item of making various types of fermentation foods and Natto is one of it

With enhanced functions that make it easier to make fermented food, such as temperature setting, timer, and the addition of a buzzer function.

Now you don't to worry about time and temperature since its already included.

Not only that, there is also recipes and instruction included.


Hokkaido Small Grain Organic Soybean "Suzumaru" 500g

Pesticide-free with non- chemical fertilizer that is raised in Makubetsu-cho, Hokkaido.

This organic soybean will make your homemade natto more delicious.

Recommended item from the customers' experiences

You can make a delicious homemade Natto without fail.


How Much Natto Can You Make?

With 3 grams of ordinary natto stater, you can make about 5-15 kg natto from raw soybeans.

But with this Natto Starter Powder, you can make about 10-30 kg of natto!

Much more economically friendly than if you buy natto from the market!

For you who like natto, or eat natto for your health, please by all means try making natto at your home once.

The Surprising Power of
Natto Starter Spores

Natto starter spores (Bacillus subtilis var. natto) is actually has amazing power which is very useful to our body. We will explain this to you next.


It Produces Nattokinase

Nattokinase is an enzyme that is produced when natto is being made.

It occurs at the stage of fermentation after adding the natto starer spores (Bacillus subtilis) after boiling the soybeans.

Nattokinase has a function of dissolving thrombus (blood clot) and make blood flows smoothly, which is now attracting much attention as an enzyme that is very helpful to improve health.

Especially, it is said to have an excellent effect on thrombolysis (the dissolution of a blood clot).

Aside for having an ability to disintegrate the fibrin (the main component of thrombus) directy, it also has a function of activating other thrombolytic enzymes in the body and increasing its amount.

In addition, recent studies have found that there are effects such as decomposing substances that inhibit the dissolution of thrombus, and shortening the decomposition time.

It can be said that it is a powerful enzyme that really enhances thrombolysis from various aspects.

Besides these all, nattokinase also has other abilities such as lowering blood pressure, and preventing blood-coagulation so the blood flow is improved.

The products which are made from soybeans are originally containing various enzymes, but among them only natto produces nattokinase enzyme.


Grow Good Bacterias In the Body such as Lactic Acid Bacteria

If you eat natto starter spores (Bacillus subtilis var. natto), it is known that good bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillales) and others which is useful for our body tend to increase in our body.

Experiment result shows that the amount of lactic acid bacteria has increased about 10 times when Bacillus subtilis var. natto and lactic acid bacteria coexist.

Also, natto starter spores (Bacillus subtilis var. natto) also has the effect of suppressing bad bacteria. In addition, since lactic acid bacterias tend to increase, as a result, good bacteria are activated in the body.

We also can expect improvement of intestinal environment. The natto spores exert a remarkable effect on the intestinal action that prevents diarrhea and enteritis, and also prevents constipation by balancing the intestinal bacteria.

Besides all of these, Natto produces a lot of active enzymes in the body. It greatly contributes to digestion, intestinal control and other actions.


Why Does Natto Starter Spores Has Such Excellent Effects?

The secret of the usefulness of natto spores is its "strength".

Most intestinal bacteria in the body have short lifetime and weak nature.

Therefore, if you do not supply them frequently, you can not expect long-term successful activity in the intestines.

In exchange, the lifetime of Bacillus subtilis var. natto is long, and it is said that when it's taken once, it survives for 4 or 5 days in the body and exerts its effect.

It enters the body from the mouth, passes through the stomach acid in the stomach, reaches the intestine alive,and has the strength to be discharged to the feces without being killed in the body (still alive when being discharged in the feces).

In this way, only Bacillus subtilis var. natto which is in natto starter spores can pass through the body alive!

This is the main reason why Bacillus subtilis var. natto in natto starter exerts such excellent effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink the bacillus natto directly as it is for health?
Bacillus natto is a natto starter spores powder made for making natto. You can't drink it direcly.
What is Bacillus natto?
It is a type of fungus for making natto.
Sprinkle a small amount of Bacillus natto on the steamed soybeans and keep it warm,
so that fermentation will proceed and natto will be completed.
I heard that the commercially sold natto can be used as a natto starter. Is there any reason to use the bacillus natto as the natto starter?
If you use commercially sold natto as natto starter, the fermentation will not go well because it has weak fermentation ability. It will not able to pull the sticky strings, and the bacteria will produce a strange smell to both natto.

The natto starter/bacillus natto sold in Kawashima The Japanstore is the bacillus made to make homemade natto.
It has strong fermentation ability, so even first-timers can easily make natto at home.
Check the product "Natto Starter Spores Powder 3gr - 100% Organic Soybean Extract" here.
Why my homemade natto hardly make white slimy strings?
There is a possibility that the fermentation is not going well.
Please keep warm and keep it for about 12 hours and see the condition.
The natto is extremely smelly!
There is a possibility that miscellaneous bacteria have been produced during the fermentation.
Please do not eat the finished natto. Please try again to make homemade natto after checking and paying more attention to hygiene.
The finished smell of natto has a strong smell of ammonia.
After the end of the fermentation process (heating the natto), leave it in the refrigerator overnight. Fermentation will stop and ammonia odor will decrease.

Customer's Reviews

The Finished Result Is Like the Nattos That Being Sold at the Market.

I usually made natto by myself using natto starter spores from the ordinary natto that available in the market.
When I use this product, I'm really satisfied to find that the color of natto changes to the color just like sold-in-market natto.
The smell of ammonia when it was finished was strong, I felt that the bacterial fermentation power of this product is very strong.
I enjoy eating the natto I made with yakiniku sauce along with it.


The Thread of the Natto Spores was Nicely Drawn

I can make a lot of natto with this.
I've failed to make natto with other natto starter spores before, but when I use this natto starter spores, the thread of the natto spores was nicely drawn and became a really good natto.
I will repurchase this!


A Natto Starter That Is Really Safe to Use

I used to always use the natto starter spores from a long-established shop.
However, I have this really unpleasant feeling when I discovered that they are using the genetically modified soybeans, and extracting the natto starter spores by chemical processing.
It is disclosed in the description that this natto starter is made from organic soybean raw material and the manufacturing process is also a traditional way so I can use this safely with confidence.
My family and I really like the natto!


I Can Make Natto Overseas!

I'm living abroad. Even if natto is being sold here, it is expensive and I can't quite get it.
At that time, after I heard about this natto starter from a friend, I thought about trying to make it myself.
I'm really satisfied with the fact that I made lots of natto with really small amounts of natto starter.


I Can Successfully Made Natto!

There are also handmade natto-making methods by adding the sold-in-market ordinary natto to the steamed soybeans, but the power of the bacteria is weak so other miscellaneous bacterias is easy to enter. So, I purchased the proper natto starter spores powder.
Since then, I always successfully made natto and never fail.

The Method of Producing The Natto Starter Spores Powder

The Kawashimaya's Natto Starter Spores Powder is made from nutrients such as protein extracted from 100% organic soybean (not genetically modified).

While maintaining the traditional manufacturing process, we have brought in the latest fermentation and extraction technology, so that the power of bacteria is stronger than other natto starter spores.

The power of natto starter spores (Bacillus subtilis natto):1x10^10 CFU/g *It is the top quality natto starter spores in Japan。


1. Take the pure Bacillus subtilis var. natto from organic soybeans (not genetically modified).

Natto Starter


2. Breed the Bacillus subtilis var. natto.

Natto Starter


3. Extract the breeded Bacillus subtilis var. natto.

Natto Starter


4. Mix the extracted Bacillus subtilis var. natto from step 3 with the nutrients extracted from organic soybeans (not genetically modified) and water.

Natto Starter


5. Ferment the liquid natto starter spores (Bacillus subtilis var. natto).

Natto Starter


6. Dry the fermented liquid natto starter spores.

Natto Starter


7. Powdered natto starter spored is finished.

How to Make Natto
Using Natto Starter Spores

Materials and Procedures Necessary for Making Natto

This recipe is an instruction from natto manufacturer summarized by Kawashimaya.

You can use this as a reference of how to make natto.

Please enjoy making natto as your heart's content.

We will keep doing revisions for this recipe.

Please let us know if there are better methods and tools that are more useful.

We hope that you can make delicious and tasty natto!


Kawashimaya How to Make Natto


What to Prepare :

  • Natto Starter Spores
  • Soybeans(approximately 100~1000g)


More Convenient If You Have :

  • Yogurtia(Yogurt maker)
  • Fermentation tools (fermenter) for bread
  • Pressure cooker

How to Make Natto

【How to make natto movie】


1.Wash the beans

Put the beans into a bowl and wash them well by rubbing them together.

Be careful not to break the skin.

Soil and other impurities on the surface of soybeans has tons of microorganisms that have adverse effects on making Natto.

Make sure to wash off all the dirt and debris.


Wash the beans


2.To Soak the washed soybeans in water

Soaking time differs depending on the season In spring and autumn, you have to soak the beans for 15 hrs on 10-15 degrees celsius water temperature.

In summer you have to soak the beans for 6 hrs on 20-25 degrees celsius water.

When the temperature is too high cover the bowl with plastic cling wrap and leave in the fridge for about 24 hours.

The beans expand about 4 times more than the soybean weight.
(500g of soybeans uses 2L of water)


more than the soybean weight


3.Boil the beans

Boil it till it easily squashes by nipping with thumb and index finger.

The beans will have slightly hard texture when fermentation starts,

so make sure to boil them until tender.

It takes approx 30 mins for a pressure cooker to cook.
(The result may vary depending on a cooker. Please refer to the instruction manual for the exact cooking time)


Boil it till it easily squashes by nipping with thumb and index finger


4.Dissolve Natto starter into water and make“Natto solution”

Pour 10ml of water
(pre-boiled and then cooled water is fine too)

in a cup and dissolve 0.1g of Natto starter
(one fifth of small spoon) in it.

Use this Natto solution to ferment the beans.

It is easier to succeed with more Natto solution.

For the first timer, using greater amount than this recipe is recommended.


Natto solution


5.To pour the Natto solution over the beans

Discard the boiled water.

Then in no time, pour the Natto solution and mix thoroughly.

Don't let the temperature to drop,

as it can lead to unwanted bacterial contamination.


Prepare to pour the Natto solution


6. Transfer the beans from the pot to a food container such as a Yogurt Maker

Transfer the beans to container as soon as possible.

【use a yogurt maker】Please use the affiliated container.

During the fermentation the oxygen is necessary so please put the beans inside but without the lid.

Besides, the moisture is produced as well so we suggest to cover the beans with gauze or handkerchief.

【use a food container】Please prepare a clean container with depth of 2-3 cm.

Because the oxygen is necessary after the beans are putted, cover the container with the plastic wrap and make some holes on the plastic wrap.

During the fermentation the moisture is produced we suggest to put some gauze or kitchen papers in it.


納豆の作り方 かわしま屋


7. Keep heat preservation and fermentation

Please Keep the soybean mixture in a warmer for 24 hours to ferment.

The best temperature for Natto solution to ferment is 30 degrees Celsius.

It is more convenient if you have a yogurt maker or bread fermentation machine.

Keep the temperature steady at 45 degrees and set the timer for 24 hours when using a yogurt maker.

Because the fermentation needs oxygen, do not use the inner cover and leave a gap with using the outer cover.

納豆の作り方 かわしま屋
If there is no dedicated warmer in the house, we suggest to use a warm table in winter and put the beans in a windless day in summer.


8.to let the fermaented natto cool in the fridge

Transfer the fermented beans to refrigerator to mature. By resting the beans in a fridge for a day, amino acid composition of soy protein will enrich the flavor of Natto.


納豆の作り方 かわしま屋

The way to preserve Natto

If you are not planning to eat immediately, keep it in a freezer.
If you leave the natto in a place where the temperature is high amino acids are broken down and cause ammonia smell.
When it is stored in the fridge in a week or so, a white rough stuff will start to grow which will give it a bad texture.
The taste and flavor of natto differs greatly depending on the fermentation time and the types of soybean. You can decide on what type of soybean and how long you want to have it in fermentation.

Product's Details

Product's Name Natto Starter Spores Powder
Netto 10g
Expired Date About two years from the date of arrival
Product(s) Included Spoon
Preservation Method Please save in a low humidity refrigerator.

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