What Is Black Garlic? Black garlic is a product of aging regular garlic in a controlled heat and humid condition. Unlike raw white garlic, black garlic doesn't have garlic odor....

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What Is Black Garlic?

Black Garlic

Black garlic is a product of aging regular garlic in a controlled heat and humid condition.

Unlike raw white garlic, black garlic doesn't have garlic odor. It has a dried fruit like sweetness.

Compared to the white counterpart, black garlic has 4 times the amount of S-Allylcysteine. There is a research conducted by a former professor at the Medicine Department of Hirosaki University that demonstrated S-Allylcysteine to have an anti-cancer effect. The news was widely featured in Japanese newspaper.

This superfood has been gaining popularity due to its health-promoting effect such as lowering cholesterol level, antioxidant activity, anti aging, and immunity enhancement.

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The Energizing Power of Black Garlic - How To Use And How Is It Different From Regular Garlic?
Originated in Asia, black garlic has become an energizing superfood that gained a lot of attention worldwide. Not only does it taste good raw due to its sweet taste, but it also has a lot of health benefits.
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How Can Garlic Turns Black?

Garlic Turns Black

The reason why garlic turns black is that during aging, sugar and amino acid in the garlic help to produce a "brown substance (melanoidin)" as it goes through Maillard reaction (browning reaction that causes charring in food). During the aging stage, garlic gradually turns from white to brown, and finally turns inky black, completing the process. When matured, the sugar content rises and the garlic odor disappears causing it to taste like dried fruit.

High Quality Garlic Made In Aomori

Aomori Garlic

Aomori Prefecture is famous for producing high quality garlic. Characteristics of Aomori garlic:
- Big Bulbs
- Firm Cloves
- High sugar content making it slightly sweet
- Has fatigue recovery effect
- Abundant in Allicin

Since 2006, research and development has been promoted at various places, and finally black garlic from Aomori Prefecture was born.

Matsuyama Herb Farm

Matsuyama Herb Farm

Aomori is a land with a very rich natural environment where you can produce delicious agricultural products. Taking advantage of the wonderful nature of Aomori, Matsuyama Herb Farm aims for agricultural system that does not rely on pesticides nor chemical fertilizers, and promotes sustainable recycling.

Total Attention to Soil And Water

For the soil, we receive cow and horse excretions from neighboring farms and equestrian clubs to produce fully fertilized manure. Proper fertilizer enriches the taste of crops and improves soil fertility. In addition, we also receive a large amount of rice husks from large-scale rice growers to make smoky charcoal and use it for soil preparation.

For the water, we use pure mineral water that pumps up groundwater from Hakkoda water source. The snow that accumulated in the Hakkoda mountain melts. And after filtered for a long time, it becomes water that is rich in minerals.

In addition to natural soil and water, because the farm is in highland area, snow can accumulate until 2-3 meters, carefully storing nutrients in the farm ground for four and a half months around December to mid April.

This black garlic is a product that uses Matsuyama Herb Farm's original method to pursue its deliciousness. It's as if black garlic are treated as black gems.

Product Details

Quantities 300gr (100gr x 3)
Ingredients Aomori Garlic
Storing Guide Keep in a cool and dry place, away from the sunlight. * Sometimes water droplets may adhere on the inside of the pack, but it won't change the quality.
Expires in 1 Year
Matsuyama Herb Farm Black Garlic
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