Premium rice oil Komeyu 450g- Sanwa fat

Premium rice oil and Komeyu is Komeyu is to crush by squeezing process the fresh rice bran of domestic,Was essential oil by physical refining method called steam refining method, is...

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Premium rice oil and Komeyu is

Komeyu is to crush by squeezing process the fresh rice bran of domestic,Was essential oil by physical refining method called steam refining method, is pure "rice oil". By employing such a production method, including the active ingredient vitamin E contained in the raw material,Including γ- oryzanol, tocotrienol, efficient plant sterolsNow "premium oil".

Features of Komeyu

● flavor without a habit also a feature of the rice oil is intact, it became more concentrated.● raw material traceability, of course, does not use any such solvents, it is safe and secure rice oil stuck to the physical process.● because it is produced by our own compression and purification technology, has become a rich oil to the active ingredient compared to conventional products.
コメーユの特徴 Vitamin EThe antioxidant action, protecting the body of lipids from oxidation, is a nutrient to help maintain healthy cells.γ- oryzanol (gamma - oryzanol)In rice oil specific components, in addition to, menopause there is oxidation inhibiting action of the oil,It is said to be effective in improvements such as gastrointestinal neurosis.To "Komeyu" is, compared to our conventional product of rice oil,Antioxidants γ- oryzanol of about 8 times the natural contains.TocotrienolA component that is said to have about 50 times the effect of antioxidant effect with the vitamin E, have been abundant in rice oil.Plant sterolsIt is said to play a role in inhibiting the absorption of cholesterol.Rice oil is often content of plant sterols than the other oils,In addition to the "Komeyu" it has been included about 1.4 times of the plant sterols of the conventional rice oil.


Method of manufacturing a commitment Komeyu

Commitment to raw materials● cooperation with the rice mill and an oil refinery, and then processed in a short period of time fresh rice bran.● to maintain and deactivate the fat-degrading enzyme lipase by the stabilizer treatment freshness.Commitment compression method● without the use of organic solvents, and oil extraction by physical compression.● by proprietary compression technology to condense the brown rice original component.Commitment purification method● adopted a steam refining process, you can stop the active ingredient.● Do not use chemicals, is non-chemical purification methods.
コメーユのこだわりの製造方法 1. expression stepAn organic solvent without any, and oil extraction by traditional compression method.2. degumming processExcept for the lecithin or the like to be the cause of the foaming of the oil.3. dewaxing stepFiltered at a low temperature, except the wax content.4. bleaching processAnd improve the natural color of the colored material oil to remove the (carotenoids, etc.) and impurities quality of sugar.5. distillation deoxidation stepIn high-temperature, high-vacuum, to remove the odor and free fatty acids.


Premium rice oil Komeyu product information

コメーユのこだわりの製造方法Shelf Life: 1 year from the productionContents: 450g ● measure of intakeDaily intake recommended dose of this product is 1 tablespoon (14g) degree.This product 14g contains about 6mg vitamin E, it can take about 75% of vitamin E (8mg) required for the day.※ such as the display reference value nutrients are quoted from the Food Safety onset No. 0701006 (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)● Precautions to be takenThis product is, or disease is cured by high intakes, do not more health or improve.Please observe the recommended dose of the day. This product is different from a health food,Who is not a separate review by the Minister of Health.Diet, the staple food, main dishes, the balance of the side dishes based meal.

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