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Hokkaido Small Grain Organic Soybean "Suzumaru" 500g

What is Hokkaido's Organic Soybean "Suzumaru" The "Suzumaru" Soybeans are the organic soybeans raised carefully by Mr. Yuu Hirawake. He has been raising and cultivating these soybeans organically in Makubetsu-cho,...
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The Hokkaido Prefecture's "Toyomasari" Pesticide-Free Soybean 500g

What is The Hokkaido Prefecture's "Toyomasari" Pesticide-Free Soybean Toyomasari is a soybean that has a good taste and sweet flavor, so it is also called as "The Soybean Grand Champion"....
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Hokkaido Organic Azuki Bean "Erimo Azuki" 500g

About Hokkaido Organic Azuki Bean For over 30 years in Makubetsu Town, Hokkaido, Mr. Hirawake Yuu has been carefully raised his Organic Azuki Beans. Since the Azuki beans are well...
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Hokkaido Organic Kintoki Bean 500g

What is gold beans free of agricultural chemicals from HokkaidoHokkaido Makedetsu town has been making beans with agrochemicals / chemical fertilizers for more than 30 years.It is an agrochemical gold...
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