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【Made in Japan】Koji Starter - Powdered Chouhaku-kin Fungal Seed - 20g (for 15kg Portion) Best for Koji Rice, White Miso, Amazake - Special Product From "Hishiroku" Shop Kyoto

What is Koji Starter [Powdered Chouhaku-Kin Fungal Seed]-Special Product from "Hishiroku" Shop, Kyoto This is a koji starter seed made by a 300 years long-established store " Hishiroku ." This...
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【Made in Japan】Natto Starter Spores Powder 10g - 100% Organic Soybean Extract

Natto Starter Spores Powder - Natto Starter Derived from 100% Organic Soybean Extract 100% of pure culture natto starter/Bacillus subtilis natto extracted from organic soybean is used. Since this natto...
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Steamer Cloth L size (88 x 88 cm)

100% Cotton Steamer ClothMade in Japan Fit for 45 x 45 cm steamer.Use it together with L size steamer cloth (around 88 x 88 cm).This is a 100% cotton steamer...
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Kiri Rice Bin – Capacity of 10kg – Vertical Type, Special Made by Senshuu Tomekawa

About Kiri Rice Bin – Capacity of 10kg – Vertical Type Kiri Rice Bin is a handmade coffee storage made by Kiri Tansu artisans. By using the special characteristics of...
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DUE VITTORIE Due-Vittorie balsamic vinegar 250ml

The balsamic vinegar of Due-Vittorie Making the most famous balsamic vinegar in Italy Balsamic vinegar of one "Due-Vittorie" of manufacturers, only balsamic that meet the strict standards in the Modena...
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Rice cooker (feather 1 disposal kettle) Mountain workshop village special civil engineering white rice 1 cooked rice / brown rice 0.5 cooked rice cooked rice pot

 What is the mountain's studio village rice cooker feather gold?Miyagi prefecture Yamato (Towa) It is a cabbage made in a rich natural environment of the town.Mr. Hirai, a rice-favored kiln...
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Kiwa’s Village Non-Pesticide, Non-Additives Umeboshi (3 Years Matured) 500g

About Kiwa’s Village Umeboshi (3 Years Matured) It is a 3 years fully matured and pickled umeboshi (pickled plum), nurtured in an pesticide-free and without chemical fertilizer farm. We choose...
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Kawamura Houchou Manufactory

About The Kawamura Houchou Manufactory's Sanjo Yoshimune Tsuchime Santoku Knife The Niigata Prefecture, Tsubame-Sanjō has been named as a place of manufacturing knives since ancient times, and many artisan cultures...
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