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Rice cooker (feather 1 disposal kettle) Mountain workshop village special civil engineering white rice 1 cooked rice / brown rice 0.5 cooked rice cooked rice pot


 What is the mountain's studio village rice cooker feather gold? Miyagi prefecture Yamato (Towa) It is a cabbage made in a rich natural environment of the town. Mr. Hirai, a...

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What is the mountain's studio village rice cooker feather gold?

Miyagi prefecture Yamato (Towa) It is a cabbage made in a rich natural environment of the town. Mr. Hirai, a rice-favored kiln original artisan, studied research and made it by hand. Compared with the usual cooker cooker, because it has a shape that makes it easier to keep the temperature uniform, Also rice is cooked deliciously. This feather is more suitable for cooking brown rice.Because unpolished rice requires water twice as much as rice, it becomes half the amount of display cooked. (Example: In the case of five cooks, brown rice will be 2.5 consoles.) 

Deliciously cooked secret 1 · Charcoal grill baked tightening firing method

The original method called "charcoal grill burning firing method" is used for mountain studio village rice cooker. By burning the ingredients of charcoal inside the rice cooker you will make the rice refreshing more refreshing taste. This charcoal ingredient is baked at a high temperature exceeding 1200 ° C, so the effect lasts semi-permanently.

Secret to cook delicious 2 · High heat retention

The roundness created by repeated research creates exquisite convective heat. The inner lid pressurizes it and creates warmth retaining properties unique to pottery. This heat insulation effect cooks rice plumply.

Deliciously cookable secret 3 · More uniform temperature

Because there are no possession parts and there are feathers wrapped and turned, Because the heat storage is more uniform and stable, you can cook more deliciously.
 Because you can use it for cooked rice etc., You can eat various rice deliciously and happily.

The first usage of the mountain studio village rice cooker

The rice cooker becomes stronger by cracks entering the fire. Since cracks are gaps, work called "sealing" is necessary to prevent leakage from the cracks. It is best to make rice porridge or "boil down" flour, rice rice soup and so on.

What is sealing?

There are a lot of small cracks entering the pot (penis). The cooked rice just enters the cracks little by little. We call this that cracks gradually fill up by this. If there is color or smell in things entering the crack, it will stick to the shuttle Rice porridge and wheat flour · ginger juice are said to be suitable for sealing. 【Materials for sealing】 ·water · Flour or potato starch (about 10% relative to water)

【STEP 1】
I will dissolve the flour in water. Melt with a bowl beforehand.
I will crush it firmly so that wheat flour will not remain.


【STEP 2】
Put the contents of the bowl in the pot. The eighth minute of the pot is sufficient.
Please be careful as it may bubble over when it boils if it puts a full eye.


【STEP 3】
I warmly warm up the pot with a low heat. If it boils, stop the fire and let it cool.
Please ensure that the pot is quite hot with preheating so cool it well.


【STEP 4】
Please throw away the contents and rinse it as the pot cools down.
If you take water well and dry it, filling is complete.
※ If moisture remains, sun drying is the best because it will cause mold mold.



A rice cooker was introduced by Yuko Watanabe "My favorite cooking utensils and ingredients"

Cooking cooker was introduced in cook 's book by Yuko Watanabe. ※ My favorite dish tools and ingredients 」P32 ~ P33 excerpt ※ A pot and a lovely oven is a special pot for cooking rice. Steam cooked with this and other white rice is sweet as shiny and it is a treat only with rice. Our rice cooking was decided for this pot, and since then, I began to emphasize the taste of rice cooked in this kettle to visitors. So why is it good to cook with this? It seems that the structure has a secret. The lid is doubled and does not escape the steam inside. The inside of the kettle is processed with charcoal and far infrared effect. I do not need a troublesome fire suppression, I will stop the fire if it blows over a strong medium heat. And waiting 20 minutes, that's it.

How to cook delicious white rice of mountain studio village rice cooker (in case of 3 cases)

Everyone can easily cook delicious rice with mountain kobo village rice cooker. Here I will show you how to cook white rice. It is very popular because it is unnecessary to adjust difficult difficulties.

1. Add rice and water Add 3 rice and 3 rice water. Please put rice in advance. Please do not sharpen inside the pot. Please adjust according to your preference about the extent to which water covers about 1 cm above the rice.


2. Place the inner cover and outer cover Please cover it in order of inner lid → outer lid. Cover the hole of the inner cover in the direction of the handle and the hole of the outer cover perpendicular to the handle.


3. Hang on high heat Please apply high heat to the kettle. Cassette stove etc are also available. Please note that IH heaters, halogen stoves, stoves, etc. can not overheat.


4. Wait until there are rumblings on the border When it boils to a certain extent, the rust will rise in the hatch of the kettle. I will stop the fire once it comes around Border.


5. Steam without taking lid off Steam for 20 minutes after stopping the fire. Loli gradually returns to the kettle. Please do not take lid absolutely.


6. It is completion After steaming for 20 minutes, I cooked the rice cooker down from the stove and it is completed. Both inner lid and outer lid are getting hot. Please remove it slowly with a pot knob etc. Please take rice into the bowl and enjoy it.


How to cook white rice with mountain studio village rice cooker


山の工房村飯炊釜で玄米を炊く方法をご紹介します。 少し時間が必要になりますので、タイマーを利用するとスムーズに炊くことができます。

1.お米を洗います 玄米1合を水を替えながら2~3回洗います。 土鍋内で研がないようにしてください。


2.水を入れます 洗って水を切った玄米と、水2合ほどの水を飯炊釡に入れます。 ※水は玄米1に対して1.5~2倍ほど入れます


3.蓋を閉めます 内ぶた・外ぶたをセットします。内ぶたの穴は取って方向に、外ぶたの穴は取っ手と垂直になるようにセットしてください。


4.トロ火にかけます 玄米はここで吸水させることなく、すぐにトロ火にかけます。 沸騰させないようにしながら35分トロ火をかけ続けてください。


5.一気に強火にします 35分トロ火にかけ続けたら強火にかけます。 蓋の周りにノリが一周まわるまで強火です。 ※10分前後かかります。


6.弱火にします ノリが蓋の周りを一周したら火を再度弱火にまで落とします。 弱火のまま35分キープします。


7.完成です 35分経過したら火を止めて 蓋をとらずにそのまま15ほど蒸らして出来上がりです。




I do not have to worry about radioactive substances

The cooked rice cooker manufactured at the Kobo village of the mountain, clay is ordered from Mie prefecture. The location of the studio is also in the area of ​​air dose less than 0.08 usv / h (Yamato-cho survey). I examined radiation dose of cooking pot in Miyagi Prefecture Industrial Technology Center.
 The radiation dose of the rice cooker main body and carbonized quenched part was 0.05 μSv / h. It is a numerical value within the reference value with no problem at all. You can cook rice carefully with confidence.

Usage notes

· When using for the first time, be sure to cook "porridge" slowly with medium heat. Crack prevention and strengthening of the shuttle become. · Be sure to wipe off moisture from the bottom of the pot and heat it. · Please do not sharpen rice in the pot. · After using it for flavored rice etc., the taste will soak into the kettle, please flush as soon as possible. · After use, keep the bottom up until the next use, always dry. · Cooking a small amount in a cooker will result in breakage of the kettle, stop it. · There is no heat retention function. Please eat as soon as possible. · Please do not use detergent when possible. · Do not leave water or polished rice in it for a long time. · Do not use with gas stove with temperature sensor. · Do not overheat with halogen stoves or stoves.
 【Specifications of mountain studio village rice cooker】 Size: Width 19 cm × height 16 cm Weight: 2.0 kg

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