The washable collapsible home for koji fermentation device set PF102-48H Not a little more small size of the fermenter? It was born from voice called. Without tools, it can be...

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The washable collapsible home for koji fermentation device set PF102-48H

Not a little more small size of the fermenter? It was born from voice called. Without tools, it can be assembled in one minute. Maintaining the temperature and humidity constant, it can be fermented rice koji and dough in an appropriate state. PF102-48H, it becomes capable of 48 hours of continuous thermal insulation for fermentation of koji. * If the temperature of the use environment is extremely low, there is a thing that does not increase is in the refrigerator until the temperature you set. If this is the case you'll need to be under a high temperature environment. *

Features of the home for koji fermentation device set PF102-48H the collapsible washable

Assembly and disassembly possible in one minute without tools!

Since the compact to fold, it does not take place in storage.

Free replacement of the door


The door can be mounted either left and right, do not be troubled with location. There is also a transparent portion of the door is large, the internal design is easy to see.

You can Easy temperature control (up to 48 hours).


Easy to set temperature (± 2 ℃) · time panel, the timer can be set up to 48 hours. It is also useful in bread making of natural yeast and homemade yeast. Wide temperature setting range (25 ~ 42 ℃) can be adjusted to the optimum temperature for the fermentation of koji. ※ Since the cooling function is not, should not be below room temperature.

Condensed water


If even if the condensed water has left many, it will accumulate in the recovery bottle. Please discard the water after use.

Oven dish enters whole


In the internal size 434 × 348 × 360mm (width × depth × height), you enter a whole most of the household oven dish. 2 loaf type of bread will go six at a time. High thermal insulation properties, has excellent lightweight, moisturizing and durability, at most occurs condensed water will accumulate in the recovery bottle. ※ You may not enter the oven dish depending on the model.

Take the dirt over the shower

Lid or a wall, door part can be washed over the water directly. Please do not put the water in the heater part.

Household koji fermentorComparison table

比較表PF100 比較表PF102 比較表PF203

Until it is koji fermenter


Improve your experience

I should purchase more quickly I tried to buy so make good rice koji. Temperature is Go easy adjustment can be stable fermentation. You can not fail if this. It's lightweight, so ease of use is also good, you should purchase more quickly.

Suenaga like (in their 40s and women)

Also popular family will evenness of the finished Bread made using this fermentation machine, probably because the fermentation is doing well, is also popular in the family will evenness of the finished. I tried to make for the first time while watching the handmade koji also set recipe that had about together, but was able to properly koji.

Ashida like (30s and women)

Different finish fermentation becomes much easier it is at all Bought was the correct answer fermentation is completely different is much finish easier. Since the temperature is kept constant, it will be exquisite fermentation condition becomes stable dough. Washable for even's a hygienic, it is also good fold. It is no doubt a big success in the future.

Itakura like (in their 40s and women)

Storage was not troubled even storage location in the not too much my home Assembly is also easy, further folding also because it contained was not troubled even storage location in the not too much my home

Furuta like (50s-man)

Assembly is simple also smooth fermentation Immediately assembled arrived that day, I baked fermented bread. Assembly It was easy, it does not take place in the compact above all in really. Fermentation also was able delicious bread to go to Sumuzu. Very good also for collapsible after use. I feel that was obtained comes with handmade koji set. Thank you very much.

Takamatsu like (30s and women)

In the survey of after use, it was meet with "satisfaction" for those of more than 80%.

Kojifuta M size as the (domestic natural cedar 100%) is

Optimal, koji lid, professional koji building. Not Demawara easily on the market, it is the koji making only Morobuta (Kojifuta). Using domestic natural cedar one craftsman one has the handmade. Bottom plate, has become a Kanna finish, all we have specification domestic cedar. In all the bottom plate is straight grain, the side plate is we have assembled so as much as possible turning point not come inside.

Domestic natural elaborate made of cedar 100%

Among cedar using a high-quality domestic cedar, professional craftsmen were one by one handmade.

Just the right size for home koji fermentation device PF102-48H

In combination with household koji fermentation device PF102, you can create an efficiently Beikoji.
It is also possible to add one plus an optional (special price 5,800 yen). Kojifuta M size separately (¥ 7,900) is here>> For those who want to add a bleached cloth of the set. Separately (three sets) is here>>

It is rice koji of maximum 2.5㎏ in one box

In Kojifuta M size 1 box, you can make the rice koji of maximum 2.5㎏. With boxes of 3, it is also possible to make the rice koji of maximum 7.5㎏ at once.

Caring for Kojifuta

It may and leave them with a damp state because it is a wood products would rarely moldy.After use, washed and washed with water, then firmly dried in a well-ventilated room after wipe off the moisturelet me try. If the mold had grown, please try to wipe off by spraying high shochu or alcohol with alcohol content. Please scraped off the surface if they've grown deeply.

Seed koji and is

300 years from its inception, is a seed koji packed with tradition of seed koji devoted a long-established "Mitsubishi six". Long-term storage can be Aspergillus oryzae has entered 20g, it is convenient to be opened by the amount of use. It is the perfect koji mold for those who become Otsukuri the koji at home (seed koji).

Tempe bacteria and is

It is home Indonesia AFI Co., Ltd. highest quality Tempe bacteria in Tempe. Model can be made about 10kg worth Tempe in one bag. "Tempe" is, fermented food of traditional soy that has been eaten for more than 500 years in Indonesia. As of cheese and natto, there is no smell and habit, faintly sweet, and has a feature that can be used in a variety of dishes. Functionality is also high, in addition to lowering cholesterol and blood pressure in the blood, myocardial infarction (high-speed) and prevention of arteriosclerosis, anti-oxidation, has been known effects such as relief of symptoms of osteoporosis and menopause.
It detailed how to make "Tempe" is here.>>Tempe How to make Please use the stable koji making and freshly baked bread making throughout the year.

It was published in the "consumer electronics watch"


 ■ "Mitsubishi six" Akihiko Sukeno's Koji Training Course report is here.

Recommended recipe that uses a fermenter

How to make rice koji

Sprinkle the seed koji in rice steamed, and only in the US koji to keep warm in the fermentation unit is finished in simple. Using the resulting rice koji, you can take advantage salt malt and sweet sake, to your miso.

Tempe How to make

Tempe and is, the cooked beans of soy, is the Indonesian traditional food was salt-free fermentation in Tempe bacteria. Taste there is no habit in, alive taste of the bean itself, it can be used as a material for a variety of cuisine. Tempe is, by the work of Tempe bacteria, soy of power is further up, yet salt and cholesterol is "zero", is an ideal health food.

How to make the beans koji

Optimal "Mamekoji" to the bean miso is also easy to make.

The amount of rice and seed koji for use with finished amount of rice koji

Quantity of rice

Quantity of seed koji

The amount of rice koji of finished (standard)


Amount of material used and finished amount of miso

The How to make a detailed malted rice has been introduced in this page.>>How to make rice koji

■ recipes using rice koji >>How to make miso >>How to make the salt koji >>How to make sweet sake made of rice and koji


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Washable collapsible fermentor PF102-48H product information

Product name / part number ... washable collapsible fermentor PF102-48H content ... fermentation body / humidifying tray / Shelf two / convection board (lower shelf plate) / Recipe Book / instruction manual ※ humidifying tray is made in plastic masu timer ... 1 minute to 48 hours, the temperature setting range ... 20 ~ 45 ℃ (± 2 ℃) ※ the following must not be the internal temperature display room temperature ... 10 ~ 50 ℃ (less than 10 ℃ "Lo", 50 degrees or more " Hi) display safety ... current and thermal fuse, the temperature monitoring system, auto-off function dimensions: (approx) wide × depth × height 495 × 424 × 455 mm-compartment dimensions ... (about) width × Length × height 434 × 348 × 360mm weight ... (about) 7kg power ... AC 100V 50 / 60Hz shared power consumption ... 150W code length ... about 1.5m color ... White Release Date ... 2017 May-producing countries ... Japan warranty period ... a period of one year from the purchase
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