Nutritious And Low In Calorie! How To Make "Soy Milk Yogurt" Using Lactic Acid Bacteria Powder And Its Benefit

Let’s talk about the recently popular item, the soy milk yogurt!

Soy milk yogurt contains abundant nutrition,
yet it can suppress calories and fat content more than milk,
so it’s perfect for diet.

It’s an excellent yogurt because other than the nutrients which derived from plant lactic acid bacteria, it also contains plenty of soybean nutrients.

If you consume it every day, you can keep your stomach and your body in a good health.

Even though many people think that it’s difficult to make, it’s actually easy to make it at home if you have all the materials needed.

In this section, we will explain in detail about how to make the soy milk yogurt along with its benefit.

Ingredients Needed to Make Soy Milk Yogurt

1. Soy milk (Pure/Unadjusted ingredients): 1 Litre

Make sure to use the soy milk without component adjustment/non-genetically modified one.


2. Lactic acid bacteria powder: 3~5g

In this recipe, we will use ‘vegetable lactic acid bacteria powder’ which available at Kawashima the Japanstore. The difficulty level of solidification process will be different depends on the ingredients of the soy milk. If this is your first time using soy milk, using a lot of lactic acid bacteria will help it to solidifies well.


3. Yogurtia Heat Insulator

In this recipe, we will use ‘yogurtia’ for the heat insulator.


How to Make Soy Milk Yogurt

First of all, let’s see the four steps of making soy milk yogurt.

  • step1

    STEP 1: Boil and disinfect the equipment that you will use and dry it

  • step2

    STEP 2: Add 3 to 5g of lactic acid bacteria powder to 1 L of soy milk and mix them well

  • step3

    STEP 3: Keep it warm in 42 degrees temperature for 12 hours

  • step4

    STEP 4: Move it to the refrigerator after 12 hours

With these four steps, we can make a delicious soy milk yoghurt. Well then, let's make the soy milk yoghurt!


STEP 1: Boil and disinfect the equipment that you will use and dry it

使用する器具を 煮沸消毒して乾燥させます

Use hot water to disinfect, so that germs don’t enter the yogurtia inner container and the spoon.
After disinfection, dry it thoroughly until there’s no moisture left.

STEP 2: Add 3 to 5g of lactic acid bacteria powder to 1 L of soy milk and mix them well



First of all, we can put soymilk about 200 ml in a container.
Put 3 to 5g of lactic acid bacteria powder into the soy milk and stir thoroughly until there is no more powder.


Make sure that the lactic acid bacteria powder has completely mixed, then pour the remaining soy milk.


The soy milk will not solidify unless lactic acid bacteria has completely well mixed.
It will cause failure in the making, so be careful.

STEP 3: Keep it warm in 42 degrees temperature for 12 hours


Set the yogurtia temperature to 42 degrees and the heat insulation time to 12 hours.
Store the yogurtia in a place that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight.

STEP 4: After 12 hours have passed and the mixture got solidified, move it to the refrigerator


After 12 hours, soy milk solidifies like this:


After soy milk yoghurt has solidified well, put it in the refrigerator together with the inner container.


Once the yogurt got all cooled down, your delicious soy milk yogurt is ready to consume!

If the mixture hasn’t solidified well, please do try a little more insulation.
Before you consume your soy milk yogurt, please check if the bacteria are breeding.
If the surface is pink or smell like natto (stinky), there is a strong possibility that bacteria are breeding.

In that case, please don’t eat the yogurt.

Important Notes to Enjoy Delicious Soy Milk Yogurt


Keep it fresh and refrigerated!

Fermentation will proceed if you put it for a long time and it will get sour. Be sure to store in a refrigerator and eat as soon as possible.

You can store it in your refrigerator about 1 week. Let’s consume it while still fresh! Please don’t consume it if the yogurt becomes discoloured or the scent changed during storage.

Add sweetness and also add more nutritious ingredients!

Depending on the finishing, the soy milk yogurt might have a strong sour taste. There are people who don’t really like such strong sourness of soy milk yogurt.

In such case, you can enjoy it with sweet toppings. You can add your favourite taste such as sweet sake, brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, etc.

How to Consume Soy Milk Yogurt Effectively


You can feel the benefit of soy milk yogurt by consume it regularly.

You can eat it little by little per day.
Even though it is said that the soy milk calories are lower than milk, consuming it too much is not good for the body.

Appropriate daily intake of soy milk is said to be between 200 ml and 400 ml.

Because there is a possibility that it may have a bad effect on hormonal balance, please avoid excessive consumption.

Just like regular yogurt, you can consume it for breakfast,
add a fruit or any toppings as a snack,
and also for dessert after dinner.

Improve your Beauty Health by Consuming Delicious Amazake Soy Milk Yogurt

We recommend you to consume the soy milk yogurt with amazake rice koji.

Try the delicious Amazake Soy Milk Yoghurt!

Amazake and Soy Milk, the double effect in Beauty Health Benefit

From long ago, it is known that amazake has abundant vitamins, dietary fiber, oligosaccharides, etc. which are said to be effective for beauty health. Soybeans contain ingredients that activate female hormones such as isoflavone and are said to be good for beauty.

The sweetness of amazake will make the soy milk yogurt tastes milder

This will help you if you don’t like the original taste of soy milk yogurt which is too strong for some people. If you add amazake to the soy milk yogurt, you can enjoy the mildness taste without spoiling the original flavour of soy milk yogurt.

Lactobacillus is a good food for Amazake!

As sweet sake contains plenty of dietary fiber and oligosaccharide that will become food for lactic acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria can be active in your stomach with more energetic vibes.


It is recommended to mix the soy milk yoghurt and the amazake with 2:1 ratio.

Special for You! Soy Milk Yogurt is Beneficial to Consumed Especially by:


Soy Milk Yogurt is Beneficial to Consumed Especially by:

● For those who are not good with milk or allergic to milk (lactose intolerant)
● For vegans and vegetarians
● For those who want to consume soy milk daily for health
● For those who like soymilk more than milk
● For those who are on a diet, those who want to pay more attention to beauty. Especially recommended for those who want to consume ingredients of soy milk for health.
Because it is yogurt, you can eat casually as a dessert after meals or dinner. Because it's easy to arrange, you can consume it easily.

Health Benefit of Soy Milk Yogurt

Soy milk yogurt has the same benefit as the regular yogurt plus the benefit of soybeans nutrients.

So, what is the benefit of soy milk yogurt?

Health Benefit 1: For internal sickness, such as relieving constipation and diarrhea

It is said that vegetable lactic acid bacteria are easier to reach your stomach alive than the animal lactic acid bacteria.

Oligosaccharide contained in soybean increases the number of good bacteria and makes the lactic acid bacteria more active.

Through these actions, you can expect strong effects on intestinal troubles such as constipation and diarrhea.


Health Benefit 2: For Diet and Beauty

Soy milk yogurt contains abundant proteins and minerals, yet with lower calorie and fat compared to regular yoghurt, so it is effective to consume during diet.
It’s also improves the metabolism.

In addition, soybean abundant isoflavone works similar to estrogen (female hormone), so there are also benefit in women's beauty and health, such as relief of menstrual pain and menopausal disorders, and even anti-aging effects.


Health Benefit 3: Prevention of Lifestyle-related Diseases such as Arteriosclerosis

Components such as soybean protein and lecithin contained in soybean are said to have a function to help controlling bad cholesterol.
Therefore, by consuming it regularly, it can also lead to the prevention of lifestyle diseases including arteriosclerosis.


Difference Between Soy Milk Yogurt and Regular Milk Yogurt


Contains vegetables

Milk yogurt is an animal-based food made from milk, but soy milk yogurt is a vegetable-based food made from soybeans.
Of course, it doesn’t contain any cow milk.
It’s also contains none of animal ingredients.
Speaking about the type of fermented food, it can be said that it is close to Japanese ancient fermented foods such as natto, miso and such.

Low Calorie and Low Fat

Soy milk yogurt has abundant vegetable protein, yet with less calories and fat than milk yogurt.

If you consume dairy products, you must take care of your dairy products daily intake,
but since the soy milk yogurt made from soybeans, you can eat it at ease without such hesitation.
Those who are on a diet or those with restrictions on caloric intake can also consume it with peace of mind.


There are people who often have diarrhea when they consume milk.
That is due to the ingredient of lactose contained in milk, meanwhile soy milk contains no lactose.
With that, you can eat soy milk yogurt with ease even if you are so hungry.

Nutrition of Soybean

You can get unique nutritional ingredients contained in soybean such as isoflavone, soybean oligosaccharide, soybean saponin, etc.
It is said that vegetable lactic acid bacteria are easier to reach your stomach alive than the animal lactic acid bacteria.
With that, you can expect stronger benefit of it for your stomach.

Important Notes to Make Soy Milk Yogurt at Home

In terms of ingredients, soy milk yoghurt is said to have no side effects or danger.

When you make it at home, it is a fermented food that deals with bacteria, so let's pay attention to hygiene.
● The equipment to be used must be boiled and disinfected
● Use fresh materials
● Do not leave the lid open so that germs in the air can't enter
● Be sure to keep it refrigerated, and consume it while still fresh
● Check the smell and taste before eating. Do not eat if you think it smells or tastes strange. If you don't keep it carefully, bacteria and fungi will breed, so be careful.

Recommended Items for Making Soy Milk Yogurt

You can purchase all the materials necessary for making soy milk yoghurt, such as lactic acid bacteria powder and yogurtia at Kawashima the Japanstore’s website.
We also sell amazake (sweet sake) that goes well with soy milk yoghurt.
Please enjoy the delicious homemade soy milk yogurt someday!

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