Sannen Umeboshi (three years matured Umeboshi) is a pickled raw plum that has undergone a maturing process. The unique burst of umami flavour as well as the tartness of plum are sure to make an entrance. Weaves of salt and plum creates one rich flavour that increasingly tastes better year after year.

The three years maturing process creates a unique flavour consisting of mild and rich sour and salty flavour. The sharpness in umeboshi will gradually fade away and the sourness turn mild. Among the available Umeboshi products in the market, the 3 year matured Umeboshi stands out not only for its taste but irreplaceable value.

What is 3 Years Matured Umeboshi?

Sannen Umeboshi

"Three years matured Umeboshi" is made using carefully selected ingredients and produced by hands according to traditional methods.

Ripe plums gathered from organic, pesticide-free farming are sorted and selected by hand. The plums will then be immerse with natural salt rich in minerals before letting dry under the sun. After the plums are dried completely, they will be collected into a barrel for a three-year maturing process. Umeboshi is said to taste the most delicious in its third year because the flesh of aged Umeboshi becomes brittle and the taste turns mellow.

How 3 Years Matured Umeboshi are Made

Made using carefully selected ingredients.

Ripe plums are sorted one by one and selected by hand.

Plums are immersed with natural salt and dried under the sun.

Dried plums are moved into a barrel for maturing process of three years. As time passes, the Sannen Umeboshi is ready to be eaten!

In the process of being matured in the barrel, the sharpness in umeboshi will gradually fade away and the sourness turn mild. Akin to the ageing of wines, the flavour of umeboshi gets better with time.

The Three Years Matured Umeboshi is made with traditional methods- from soaking the raw plums in mineral salt, then drying it under the sun, before allowing the plums to mature inside the barrels until it’s completed. Raw and unripe plums are harvested for plum vinegar. They are selected carefully by hand. Later, they are set aside for ripening before adding Shiso leaves to produce red brine known as red plum vinegar. The three years maturing process creates a unique flavour consisting of mild and rich sour and salty flavour. As compared with umeboshi pickled with honey or preservatives, we recommend trying traditionally and organically made umeboshi.

Plums raised without using chemicals and fertilizers have a stronger and more distinct taste, resulting in delicious pickled plum. In order to bring the best out of Umeboshi, great care and deliberate skills are required in the entire manufacturing process.

Sannen Umeboshi Recipe

Traditional Umeboshi is Good

Sannen Umeboshi

Umeboshi are traditional Japanese sour plums made through preservation. The traditional recipe requires little to no additive, with a salt content of over 20%. If the environment and climate are fitting, some preserved plums can be consumed over 100 years.

Lately, there has been many commercially produced Umeboshi sold in the market. Large amount of additives are added to dried and salted plums, such as chemical seasonings, sweeteners and acidulants. Although the salt content is significantly lesser, the authentic touch is lost because of chemical additives.

For the health-conscious crowd who wish to enjoy traditionally preserved umeboshi, we recommend getting your hands on pickled plums made without additives. This reflects the true devotion of manufacturers that went the extra mile to serve quality foods safe for all.

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Health Benefits of 3 Years Matured Umeboshi

Benefits of Sannen Umeboshi

Fatigue Recovery, Increase Appetite

Plum contains Citric acid, which is a source to recover from fatigue and exhaustion. This acid is packed with antioxidants and helps to boost metabolism in the body. Saliva stimulation by citric acid also increases the appetite. As digestive enzymes increases, it aids digestion and food absorption.


Anti-Aging, Skin Softening

Citric acid in plums contain an abundance of antioxidant ingredients such as ‘polyphenol’, ‘vitamin E’, and ‘plum lignan’ which soften and smooth the skin.


Prevent Food Poisoning and for Cleaning

The "bactericidal action" in citric acid is well known to ward off food poisoning. Placing Umeboshi in a lunch box (bento) also reduces oxidation. Because citric acid kills bacteria, mold, and mildew, it's great for general disinfecting and cleaning.


Improve Blood Circulation & Liver Function

"Pyruvic acid" contained in Umeboshi is said to improve liver function. The antioxidants may help lower inflammation, prevent blood clots, and improve blood circulation.


Prevent Stomach Cancer

Several lines of research show that the ingredients contained in citric acid can serve as glycolysis suppressor to inhibit growth of some tumor cells. Besides, they suppresses the growth of "Helicobacter pylori" which causes stomach cancer. By consuming Umeboshi in small portions consistently every day, it is believed to prevent cancer.


How to Enjoy 3 Years Matured Umeboshi

The rich umami flavour in Sannen Umeboshi (three years matured umeboshi) is fostered through time. The refreshing kick is sure to add some uniqueness to your palate.

Enjoy Umeboshi with rice. For the Japanese population, Umeboshi is a great company for rice balls (onigiri) which instantly fills you up. Besides, Umeboshi can be enjoyed along with rice porridge, salads and pasta.

Umeboshi can be frozen to be enjoyed later as a dessert or as special occasion delicacies.

How to Enjoy Sannen Umeboshi

Umeboshi Bancha

Here, we introduce a simple yet ultra powerful detoxifying tea recipe- Umeboshi bancha in which you can try making at home! This “Home Remedy” helps not only to regulate digestion, but also to improve blood circulation and relieve headaches, to name a few.



・Sannen umeboshi 1 serving

・Shoyu 1-3 drops

・Grated Ginger or ginger juice 1-2 drops



① Place the umeboshi plum in a tea cup with a few drops of soy sauce.
② Add freshly grated ginger and stir gently. Simmer for 1/2 minute.
③ Drink hot or at room temperature.

Serving: 1 person

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