What Kind of Cookware Which Compatible with IH?


Recent developments in the kitchen is all-electric kitchen ware.
It seems that IH-compatible kitchen wares are introduced in many newly built houses, it’s a good thing, especially from the viewpoint of ease of care and safety without using fire.

Well, if you interested in IH-compatible kitchen ware, here we are.

As you all know,
not all kinds of cooking utensils will be compatible with IH cooking heater.
IH overheats the cooking utensils by the method called ‘electromagnetic induction heating’.

In short, t’s a system to warming up cooking utensils using electric resistance when energized.

In other words, as the cooking utensil’s material with higher electric resistance passes through electricity, the IH will be able to heat the object very rapidly.

On the contrary, cooking utensil’s material with low or no electric resistance are not suitable for IH.
※Aluminium, copper, glass, donabe soil, etc.

Can We Use Donabe with IH Kitchenware?

Well, here is the main issue now. We have arrived at the most difficult part at our adventure in exploring donabe.

This is the part where we are very concerned about, because so far, there are not so many products of donabe that is compatible with IH, yet.

In particular, it can be said that pots made from Japanese traditional crafts such as Iga-yaki and Banko-yaki , which mainly use soil, are not compatible with IH.

As we mentioned before, soil doesn’t pass electricity.
Since it can’t pass electricity, it doesn’t generate electric resistance as well, so we will not be able to heat up the donabe.

Do you have to give up on making pots dishes?


Wait, wait!
Even though we said that so far, the donabe that is compatible with IH is not that many,
there are some donabe that is compatible with IH.

Based on the circumstances of kitchen with all-electric appliances in recent years,
manufacturers and craftsmen also developed a technology that can heat the donabe with IH.

The method is simple, which is making the bottom of the donabe from a material that passes electricity.

The most common material which compatible with the donabe is said to be a metal which pasted with the material of silver film.

We also sell the donabe with metal plate as its accessories,
and if you’re using IH kitchenware,
you can heat the donabe using the metal plate.

Even so, it seems difficult for all donabe to be compatible with IH, but it’s still good news that the number of IH-compatible donabe is increasing, isn’t it?

The Products of IH-compatible Donabe

Even though the numbers of donabe that is compatible with IH is not that many, if you want to buy an IH-compatible donabe, Kawashima the Japanstore provides the IH-compatible donabe for you!

Here’s the products of IH-compatible donabe that available at Kawashima the Japanstore:

IH-Compatible Ceramic Donabe
Surround yourself with delicious pot dishes all year long with IH-compatible donabe. This is a donabe which can be used comfortably throughout the year regardless of the season.
Size : 1.2L/2.5L
Colour : White/Black
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ceramic japan
Simple and beautiful designed donabe. It’s a donabe that matches with the modern lifestyle designed by Mr. Michio Akita.
Size : S/L
Colour : White/Black
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IH-Compatible Banko-yaki Donabe
With matte texture and stripped pattern applied to its body, the donabe is accented with a simple design that will be your favourite for a long time.
Size : 8 Gou (1440cc)/9 Gou (1620cc)
Colour : White/Black
TOJIKI TONYA IH-Compatible Banko-yaki Donabe Size 8 Gou
TOJIKI TONYA IH-Compatible Banko-yaki Donabe Size 9 Gou

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